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School of Arts and Sciences | Art BFA Program

The BFA in Studio Art offers six professional concentrations: Ceramics, Drawing, Metals, Painting, Printmaking, and Visual Communication Design. All of the BFA studio concentrations focus intensively in studio work, rely on skilled knowledge of the uses of technology, and provide exposure to visiting artists, field trips to galleries and artworks. The senior year focuses on senior studio, professional practices, and knowledge of and participation in advocacy in the arts and social justice concerns. The year culminates with a formal exhibition in the Florence O'Donnell Wasmer Gallery.

Degree Requirements

The BFA degree rests on Studio Foundation Studies, a core of courses that offer the language, skills and critique that is common to all fields of the visual arts within the first levels of ceramics, drawing, metals, painting, printmaking, and visual communication design.

Studio Foundation Studies

AR 106 Design Foundations I - 4 Credits
AR 107 Drawing I - 4 Credits
AR 108 Painting I - 4 Credits
AR 114 Intro to Visual Communication Design- 4 Credits
AR 115 Introduction to Ceramics - 4 Credits
AR 200 Metalcraft - 4 Credits
AR 203 Introduction to Printmaking - 4 Credits
AR 206 Design Foundations II - 4 Credits
Total credits 32

Portfolio Review
With the completion of Studio Foundation Studies, students present a portfolio of their best work in order for the department to assess whether they are ready to declare a candidacy in the BFA degree.

Upper-level courses
After passing portfolio review, BFA students take four studio courses in the area of their concentration and one studio elective. Additional upper level courses emphasize professional practices and the importance of art and advocacy. To prepare for the annual BFA Exhibition, senior students participate in a year-long Senior Studio where they are encouraged to complete a unified body of work.

BFA Degree in Studio Art
Studio Foundation Studies - 32 Credits
Art History - 12 Credits
AR 251 Art History Survey I - 3 Credits
Studio Concentration - 16 Credits
Studio Elective - 4 Credits
AR 360 Professional Practice - 4 Credits
AR 460 Art and Advocacy - 3 Credits
AR 475 Studio Internship - 1-3 Credits
AR 441, 442 Senior Studio - 8 Credits
Total credits 83-85

4-Year Curriculum Model: BFA Studio

1st year, 1st semester 14 credits
US 101 or 313 USP Stage I (3)
USP Science with lab (4)
PS 101 USP Self (3)
AR 106 Design Foundations I (4)

2nd semester 17 credits
US 102 or 314 USP Stage I (3)
USP Math (3)
SO 103 USP Society (3)
AR 107 Intro Drawing (4)
AR 108 Painting I (4)

2nd year, 1st semester 18 credits
US 350 USP Stage II (3)
AR 251 USP Stage II WO (3)
AR 114 Intro to Vis. Com. Design (4)
AR 115 Intro to Ceramics (4)
AR 203 Intro to Printmaking (4)

2nd semester 17 credits
US 351 USP Stage II (3)
USP Stage II Western (3)
AR Art History (3)
AR 200 Metalcraft (4)
AR 206 Design Foundations II (4)

Studio foundation completed portfolio presentation assessed

3rd year, 1st Semester 15 credits
AR 360 Professional Practice (4)
AR Studio Concentration (4)
AR Studio Elective (4)
AR Art History (3)

2nd Semester 16 credits
USP Stage III Philosophy (3)
USP Stage III Religious Studies (3)
USP Stage II American (3)
AR Studio Concentration (4)
AR Art History (3)

4th year, 1st semester 15-17 credits
USP Stage III Religious Studies (3)
AR 441 Senior Studio (4)
AR Studio Concentration (4)
AR Art History (3)
AR 475 Internship (1-3)

2nd semester 14 credits
US 401 USP Stage III (3)
AR 442 Senior Studio (4)
AR Studio Concentration (4)
AR 460 Art and Advocacy (3)