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School of Arts and Sciences | Art

Diane Pinchot from Ursuline College on Vimeo.

The Department of Art offers the following programs:

BFA Program
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Metals
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Visual Communication Design

BA Program
  • Art History
  • Studio Art
  • Visual Communication Design

  • Art History
  • Studio Art
  • Visual Communication Design

The Mission of the Art Department is to provide education in Art History, Studio Art, and Visual Communication Design while preparing students for further education and careers in art and related fields. Respecting the growth and creativity of the individual art student, we expose each student to a problem-solving, skills-based curriculum that encourages the passion and spirit of aesthetic activity, emphasizes leadership roles, and promotes service to society.

Aims and Objectives
The Art Department offers three fields of study: Studio Art, Visual Communication Design, and Art History. Each field provides students with technical and procedural skills and historical and theoretical knowledge of the visual arts. All three fields stress empathic resolution and sensitivity to materials and acknowledge the human spirit in matters of art. The department aims to produce graduates who are creative, have excellent problem-solving skills, are comfortable with 21st-century technology, think constructively, experience beyond the tangible, and seek to produce artwork that reflects their values.

We meet these objectives by providing two separate degrees, the BFA and the BA. The BFA offers six professional concentrations: Ceramics, Drawing, Metals, Painting, Printmaking, and Visual Communication Design. The BA offers three majors: Studio Art, Visual Communication Design, and Art History; the department also offers a minor in these three areas.

Both the BFA and the BA rest firmly on the foundation of the Ursuline Studies Program and reflect the Mission of Ursuline College. It is this academic program that provides the intellectual strength needed for the education of an artist, and it is what makes Ursuline's program unique.

Art Fact Sheet