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School of Arts and Sciences | Art Minors

The art department offers minors in Art History, Studio Art and Visual Communication Design to students pursuing a BA degree at Ursuline.

Art History Minor Credits
Five Art History courses
(3 credits at the 400-level, and 3 credits of non-western art)
Either a Studio Art Foundation course or an additional Art History course 3/4
Total credits 18/19

Studio Art Minor Credits
AR 106 Design Foundations I 3/4
AR 107 Drawing I 3/4
AR 108 Painting I 3/4
AR 114 Intro to Visual Communication Design 3/4
AR 115 Introduction to Ceramics 3/4
Art History (200-level) 3
Two Studio courses at the 300- or 400-level 8
Total credits 26/31*

*Students in the Studio Art minor have the option of taking studio courses for 4 credits, especially if they are considering a Studio Art major.

Visual Communication Design Minor Credits
AR 106 Design Foundations I 3
AR 114 Intro to Visual Communication Design 3
AR 210 Visual Communication Design I 3
AR 211 Visual Communication Design II 3
AR 300 Visual Communication Design III 3
AR 400 Advanced Visual Communication Design 3
Total credits 18