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School of Arts and Sciences | Pharmacy (UT Partnership)

Aims and Objectives

In partnership with the University of Toledo, the Pre-Pharmacy program at Ursuline provides students with two years of coursework in preparation for their application to professional pharmacy programs. Students are enrolled under dual admission at both Ursuline College and the University of Toledo; they take their two years in the Pre-Professional Division on campus at Ursuline and then apply to complete the rest of their work in the Professional Division at Toledo.

Students can plan two paths:

  • 2 years at UC + 4 years at UT: students can graduate with a Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy), the professional degree for practicing pharmacists
  • 2 years at UC + 2 years at UT: students can graduate with a BSPS (Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences), a degree that can lead to careers in pharmaceutical research, pharmacy or health care administration, pharmaceutical sales, or further study in graduate or medical schools.
Students who are enrolled under Contingent Admission are ensured a seat for their remaining years in the Professional Division at Toledo (leading to a 6-year Pharm.D. degree or the 4-year BSPS degree), provided they maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 and a minimum science GPA of 3.5 during their two years at Ursuline.

Students who are enrolled under Regular Admission must apply in their second year for admission to the Professional Division of the Pharm.D. or BSPS program. They are guided through the process for internal admission at Toledo. They may also apply as external applicants to another Pharmacy institution, or they may choose a different major and remain at Ursuline.

For more information on the professional pharmacy division, please visit the University of Toledo Pharmacy website at: http://www.utoledo.edu/pharmacy/.

2014-2015 Pharmacy Application (.pdf)

Pharmacy Fact Sheet

Course Descriptions

PHCL 2600
Functional Anatomy and Pathophysiology I (4)
A study of functional anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology to serve as background for the understanding of the action of drugs. Prerequisites: CH 105, 105L, 106, 106L; BI 207, 207L, 205, 205L. Corequisite: second-year standing. Course taught by UT faculty via distance learning at Ursuline.

PHCL 2620
Functional Anatomy and Pathphysiology II (4)
A continuation of PHCL 2600. Prerequisite: PHCL 2600. Course taught by UT faculty via distance learning at Ursuline.