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Psychology Feedback Comments

Class Year: 2009
Major: Psychology

My undergraduate classes with Dr. Edmonds and Dr. Frazier provided an excellent foundation of knowledge in many of the basic areas of psychology. These classes exposed me to current literature, taught me how to conduct and present research, and helped me reach my true potential in this field. Following my first semester of Graduate School, I became extremely thankful for the mandatory research experiments I conducted, and the seemingly endless essay exams I had taken during my undergraduate years at Ursuline. I realized that the firm foundation the Psychology department at Ursuline had given me was going to be essential for me to be able to excel professionally. I currently am employed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in Autism. I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I have presented at numerous conferences, and was the Master’s Degree Student Speaker at my graduation ceremony from Youngstown State University I attribute a great deal of my professional success to the foundation I gained from the Psychology department at Ursuline College.

Class Year: 2010
Major: Psychology

I am currently in my fourth year as a clinical psychology doctoral student at The Florida Institute of Technology and I will be a predoctoral clinical psychology intern this Fall. The psychology program that Ursuline offers thoroughly prepares undergraduate students who would like to continue their education in a graduate program of psychology. The psychology track has allowed me to gain core knowledge in psychology, including counseling, psychological testing and research. All of the psychology courses I took included content that was based on current, evidence-based information and the program emphasized the value of empirical approaches to counseling. Additionally, I was provided with excellent research methods curriculum which was a valuable asset to have when I started my psychology doctoral program. The Ursuline psychology faculty are also very supportive of the students' academic endeavors and they strive to assist in developing their education and voice. With support, constructive feedback and encouragement, I was able to increase my self-confidence and knowledge of psychology and research methods. My experiences at Ursuline have created a strong and sound foundation upon which I have been very successful in reaching my goal to becoming a licensed clinical psychologist.

Class Year: 2010
Major: Psychology

My experiences at Ursuline College were wonderful. From the professors to that cafeteria staff, everyone was friendly and helped to create a family-type atmosphere. As far as my degree program, I could not be happier with the education I received at UC. The psychology professors are knowledgeable and will stop at nothing to help you and make sure you are on track and where you need to be. The research experience I gained while in the psychology program at UC put me above and beyond other applicants when I applied to graduate school. The knowledge and research experience I gained at UC not only helped me get into graduate school, but also helped me to succeed at a very high level. I would never have been offered my current job at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs without the research experience I earned at UC. I would recommend the College and the psychology program to anyone interested in getting a great education from people that actually care about you and your success.

Class Year: 2010
Major: Psychology

The amount of support of the faculty is truly what made a difference in being accepted in to a Ph.D. program. I believe that the Research Methods course truly helped in graduate school, as for it was a recap of everything that Dr. Edmonds taught us. The push to be involved in research, I feel, also gave me a leg up on some of my colleagues. The amount of conferences I was able to present at while attending Ursuline prepared me for the conferences that I have been able to present at today with the University of Houston. Also, the connections that I made while at Ursuline, thanks to Dr. Frazier and Dr. Edmonds, have helped me in narrowing my area of interest as well as allow me to be able to stay connected with the Cleveland area.

Class Year: 1999
Major: Psychology

I once heard that true power comes in building others up rather than tearing them down. Ursuline College and its professors are the quintessential example of training students to expand their potential and to meet with great success. I'm proud to say that my education with the Ursuline College psychology department is the best decision I've ever made for enhancing my life and career. For example, research methodology taught me that every successful public relations campaign requires a solid foundation of facts gleaned through applied study of what people actually need or are thinking about rather than guessing or imposing my thoughts upon them. Additionally, my Psychological testing classes remind me that exercising empathy and listening are key components of success. I now own a successful media relations and political management firm in Washington DC (www.empowermentpr.com) and earned my Master's degree in political management from The George Washington University. The foundation I received at Ursuline definitely contributed to ongoing success and my resilience.

Class Year: 2003
Major: History

Dr Jean Seaton- I took her Saturday Human Growth and Development classes in the mid 80's. Those were long days but she always made it interesting. Sometimes my 2 year old would visit during the lunch break and she would use him as an example when we were studying that age.

Class Year: 1979
Major: Psychology/Elem Ed/Special Ed

Dr. Jean Seaton was my counselor when I came to Ursuline in 1975.  I remember the day that I met her and we sat down to set up my schedule and "career" choices.  I had planned on becoming a special education/gym teacher.  I can still remember how I felt when she looked at me and told me that Ursuline had neither major.  Well, somehow, she convinced me to stay at Ursuline and that we would work it out.  So yes, I stayed, had to get three majors to get my Special Ed teaching certificate and she made sure of it. I'll always be grateful for her support.  Plus, 38 years later, my best friends are still the UC girls.

Class Year: 2011
Major: Psychology

Both Dr. Edmonds and Dr. Frazier provided great classroom instruction with a light-hearted and jovial classroom learning environment. They made it fun. I have only good memories. I received great encouragement from Dr. Frazier to go on to get a PhD. However, that's not happening for some time at least. It's bad enough being in the throws of graduate school! Now that I am taking Psychopharmacology in graduate school, it is thankfully a review since I had Neurobiology at Ursuline with Dr. Frazier. Research Methods was also invaluable with Dr. Edmonds. They made a great team. Regards, (a salutation I learned from Dr. Edmonds and frequently use when I don't know what to close with and "Peace" is not appropriate) Annie Parker

Class Year: 1978
Major: Sociology

This woman is Jean Seaton, professor in the psychology dept.  I remember her as an excellent teacher who truly cared about her students.  And, she was an exceptional role model for the young women she taught.