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Psychology Feedback Comments

Class Year: 2003
Major: History

Dr Jean Seaton- I took her Saturday Human Growth and Development classes in the mid 80's. Those were long days but she always made it interesting. Sometimes my 2 year old would visit during the lunch break and she would use him as an example when we were studying that age.

Class Year: 1979
Major: Psychology/Elem Ed/Special Ed

Dr. Jean Seaton was my counselor when I came to Ursuline in 1975.  I remember the day that I met her and we sat down to set up my schedule and "career" choices.  I had planned on becoming a special education/gym teacher.  I can still remember how I felt when she looked at me and told me that Ursuline had neither major.  Well, somehow, she convinced me to stay at Ursuline and that we would work it out.  So yes, I stayed, had to get three majors to get my Special Ed teaching certificate and she made sure of it. I'll always be grateful for her support.  Plus, 38 years later, my best friends are still the UC girls.

Class Year: 2011
Major: Psychology

Both Dr. Edmonds and Dr. Frazier provided great classroom instruction with a light-hearted and jovial classroom learning environment. They made it fun. I have only good memories. I received great encouragement from Dr. Frazier to go on to get a PhD. However, that's not happening for some time at least. It's bad enough being in the throws of graduate school! Now that I am taking Psychopharmacology in graduate school, it is thankfully a review since I had Neurobiology at Ursuline with Dr. Frazier. Research Methods was also invaluable with Dr. Edmonds. They made a great team. Regards, (a salutation I learned from Dr. Edmonds and frequently use when I don't know what to close with and "Peace" is not appropriate) Annie Parker

Class Year: 1978
Major: Sociology

This woman is Jean Seaton, professor in the psychology dept.  I remember her as an excellent teacher who truly cared about her students.  And, she was an exceptional role model for the young women she taught.