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School of Arts and Sciences | Psychology

Exciting news!

The Psychology Department is pleased to offer Departmental Honors in Psychology for exceptional students who meet these requirements. Please see the link on the right to learn more!

Congratulations to our recent graduates who have been admitted into the following graduate programs! We are so proud of you!

Ann Adams - Clinical Psychology at Xavier University
Emily Cox - School Counseling at John Carroll University
Carla Hollis - Community Counseling at Youngstown State University
Nicole Kline - Clinical Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology
Mary Lynn Mizenko - School Psychology at Kent State University
Annie Parker - Clinical Counseling at John Carroll University
Liz Shoda - Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Wright State University
Laura Swinney - Clinical Psychology at Cleveland State University
Allison Tagliarina - School Psychology at The University of Houston

Aims and Objectives

Ursuline's Psychology program is designed both for students who are planning to go into the job market after graduation and for those who are seeking solid preparation for graduate school. We provide a strong general psychology background that leads to the development of a well rounded graduate who has the breadth and depth of an Ursuline education and can find her/his niche in the marketplace upon graduation. For the student seeking a graduate school education, our program provides strong scholarly, scientific, and clinical content.

See Academic Advising on the right for more information about course selection, registration, and the two program tracks.

Psychology Fact Sheet

Course Requirements

39 hours (18 core hours plus 21 track hours).

Psychology Core: 18 hours including:

PS 101 General Psychology,
PS 322 Research Methods I,
PS 330 Abnormal Psychology,
PS 350 Theories of Personality
PS 490 Capstone in Psychology, and
MAT 212 Introduction to Statistics.

The balance of the psychology major depends upon the specific psychology track selected. Students are required to select one of the following tracks (A or B) in addition to the Psychology Core:

A. Applied (core+21 hours):

PS 335 Psychological Testing,
PS 310 The Psychology of the Autism Spectrum Disorders
12 additional PS elective hours.

B. Graduate School (core+21 hours):
PS 324 Research Methods II
PS 380 Human Memory and Cognition
PS 380L Human Memory and Cognition Laboratory
PS 430 Physiological Psychology, and
9 additional PS elective hours.

For students who wish to earn a B.A. in Psychology and focus their elective coursework in a particular area, we recommend completing the Graduate School Track and selecting these elective courses:

Clinical Forensic Psychology- Psychology applied to the legal system: PS335 Psychological Testing, PS348 Forensic Psychology, PS365 Personality Disorders and Criminal Behavior, PS372 Psychological Profiling of Violent Offenders

Experimental/Cognitive Psychology- Psychology applied to the human thought process: PS335 Psychological Testing, PS424 Research Methods III, PS461 Independent Study Research 

Industrial/Organizational Psychology- Psychology applied to business: PS335 Psychological Testing, PS360 Industrial/Organizational Psychology, PS422 Social Psychology

School Psychology- Psychology applied to education: PS335 Psychological Testing, PS340 School Psychology, PS310 The Psychology of the Autism Spectrum Disorders

Requirements for the Minor
21 hours including

PS 101 General Psychology
PS 322 Research Methods I
PS 330 Abnormal Psychology
PS350 Theories of Personality
PS 490 Capstone in Psychology
MA 212 Introduction to Statistics
and one 3 credit PS elective