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School of Arts & Sciences | Art Therapy

The undergraduate art therapy major at Ursuline College will provide students with both theoretical foundations and practical experience while learning the diverse application of art therapy. The programs will prepare them for entry into graduate level art therapy studies.

Bridge Option
Students may enter the bridge program which prepares them for matriculation into the Ursuline Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling program, or they may choose to graduate with the bachelor’s degree. Four additional graduate level courses are required for the bridge.

Pursuing a career in the profession of art therapy at Ursuline places the student in an environment that promotes the integration of the intellectual, aesthetic, social, psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions of life. A program built upon a dynamic, broad-based liberal arts foundation provides the potential for developing the competence and compassion needed to become an effective human service professional in contemporary society. The program emphasizes the development of a reflective practitioner capable of contemplation, articulate expression, and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of his/her clients and society.

Two Tracks in Art Therapy - The Advantage
Ursuline College BA Degree in Art Therapy offers students two tracks, one leading to the bachelors in art therapy and one leading to the bridge program into the Master’s degree. Since the entry level for the profession is a master’s degree, the bridge will allow students to matriculate smoothly into a master’s program. This is also the trend in other graduate art therapy programs across the nation.

The advantage to the student includes savings on both tuition and time. Our graduate program is intense due to being a dual degree program in both art therapy and counseling, and most students take three years to complete. Even with the three year program, students struggle with the load of coursework, internship hours and thesis requirements as most of our students need to also work.

The bridge allows students to get some of their foundation courses done during their senior year, which gives them a gradual induction into the program and also allows them a little more flexibility as they move through their graduate program.

Career Opportunities
Ursuline students with bachelor’s degree will be able to secure art therapy related positions such as direct care staff in children’s treatment agencies, or as activities staff in nursing homes, etc. They would also be eligible for entry level positions working with children in summer camps, assisting art therapists in a variety of healthcare, residential and community based agencies.

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