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Reading Endorsement

The Reading Endorsement program allows a candidate with a valid Ohio teacher's certificate/license to teach reading, grades K-12. The program can be pursued at the undergraduate or the graduate level.

Application procedure for non-degree seeking students:

  • Submit an application to the School of Graduate Studies which will include employment history and an essay (no application fee required)
  • Request official transcripts indicating highest degree obtained as well as a transcript indicating fulfillment of the General Reading Methods pre-requisite.
  • Submit a copy of Ohio Teaching Certificate
  • Complete and submit a registration form
For more information on the Reading Endorsement Program:

Dr. Edna West
Director, MAP and PASE

Rose Call

Course Descriptions

Reading Endorsement
The Reading Endorsement is a series of five courses that encompass all aspects of the reading process. It includes a significant component of diagnosis and intervention as well as general methodology and reading to learn. This endorsement provides the opportunity for the candidate to add a capstone course to the twelve-hour reading core required by the State of Ohio for initial licensure and makes it possible to teach reading beyond the level of licensure. It is also available for those who wish to add reading to an existing license or certificate upon completion of the required course work.

EDR 260/EDR 560 Systematic Phonics in the Integrated Language Arts (3)
Course addresses the nature and role of systematic phonics and phonemic awareness both in isolation and in meaning-centered reading and writing processes. Current research regarding phonics instruction is explored; the integration of phonics into the language arts program and strategies and materials for applying theoretical perspectives in teaching practice are also included. Requires additional hours of field experience.

EDR 301/EDR 501 Reading Methods (3)
This course will focus on the application of current philosophies and practices in the teaching of reading with emphasis on the integration of reading, writing, and the language arts. Attention will be given to issues of language and language acquisition, word attack skills, vocabulary development, levels of comprehension, critical and creative reading, and reading and writing across the curriculum. Students will be exposed to trade books, literature based basal texts and expository materials. Diagnostic assessment procedures will be applied and methods for observation, reporting of progress and intervention strategies will be introduced. Requires additional hours of field experience.
Prerequisites: EDR 260/560

EDR 308/EDR 508 Reading in the Content Area (3)
Critical exploration and analysis of current theory, research and practice in content areas. Developmental reading instruction in specific disciplines emphasizing assessment of readability, word recognition skills, vocabulary building, level of comprehension, study skills and basic instructional strategies for the teaching of reading in content areas. Also stresses the relationship of reading and writing to academic achievement and learning. Students gain experience in conducting needs assessments for reading and writing demands of the reader. Requires additional hours of field experience.
Prerequisites: EDR 260/560, 301/501

EDR 345/EDR 545 Reading Assessment and Intervention (3)
Students will learn a variety of strategies and guidelines for the appropriate assessment and evaluation of children. Concepts and principles of developmental assessment both formative and summative including instruments, interpretation, parent conferences and referrals to community agencies are studied. The selection and use of informal and formal assessment instruments such as observation and portfolio assessment with special concern for cultural sensitivity, family involvement, communication of results and adaptation for special needs will be considered in this course. Review of standardized tests and measurements for typical and children with special needs will also be addressed.
Prerequisites: EDR 260/560, 301/501, 308/508

EDR 365/EDR 565 Reading Practicum (3)
Based on the foundations of the Phonics in the Integrated Language Arts, Reading Methods, Reading in the Content Area, and Reading Assessment and Intervention, this course begins with the processes and procedures of reading diagnosis and the application of assessment findings to instruction. Students develop skill in observing, analyzing, and interpreting reading behavior and designing intervention plans for instruction. A practicum component involves one-on-one work with a reader to practice advanced techniques of diagnosis and intervention. This course includes a written report of findings as well as information for the parents and classroom teacher of the child.
Prerequisites: EDR 260/560, 301/501, 308/508, 345/545