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Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Aims and Objectives

An organization's credibility is challenged constantly today. Expectations surrounding the behavior of an organization have increased, and emerging technologies have pressured organizations to adapt continually to the standards of society. For all these reasons good public relations are no longer an option but a necessity. A degree in public relations from Ursuline College provides a student with the necessary sensitivity, knowledge and techniques required to analyze and solve the array of complex issues faced by individuals and organizations today.

The required internship experience enables students to integrate academic life with real-life situations outside the classroom; broaden human relationship/communication skills and develop networking skills; and acquire professional skills and experience while still in school. It also opens possibilities for future employment.

Uniquely housed in the Business School, the Public Relations & Marketing Communications major offers courses in public relations, business, written and oral communications, and technology. Both practical application and theory are stressed. Students exit the program with an understanding of the ethics and responsibility involved in providing an organizational or individual voice that fosters open and informed decision-making in a democratic society.

Kevin Flynn, MBA 
Program Coordinator

Public Relations and Marketing Communications Fact Sheet

Public Relations and Marketing Communications Adult Degree Program

Social Media

The Social Media Communications Certificate of Proficiency provides opportunities for applied and lifelong learning. Students obtaining the certificate will enter the workforce with a skill set that currently is uncommon, but necessary, and be able to immediately make a contribution to an organization. Students using the certificate as professional development can use the applied approach and practical courses to increase productivity in their current work situation. The capstone course offers a hands-on social media project for a local nonprofit organization needing assistance with social media content analysis and application.

Social Media Fact Sheet