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Strengths of the Program

CSWE Site Visitor Summary

  1. Site Visit Date: January 18 & 19, 2007
  2. Site Team Members: Cynthia Bishop, Ph.D., Chair and David Iocano-Harris, Ph.D., Member at Large
  3. Areas of Strength:

  • The Program mission statement builds upon and strongly supports the College mission, while clearly reflecting the expectations for social work education
  • The curriculum is well-grounded in liberal arts and in the Ursuline Core, which helps provide a coherent and integrated foundation for the professional curriculum.
  • The Program describes a rich professional foundation curriculum that provides the foundation for social work practice that can be, and is, according to all stake-holders, built upon at the graduate level. The foundation curriculum is well conceptualized, integrated and explicated.
  • The Ursuline College curriculum and environment provide strong support for understanding issues of distributive justice, human and civil rights, and global interconnections of oppression.
  • Social work practice is firmly anchored in the purposes of the profession.
  •  Field sites and instructors are carefully screened by the field director and are selected to ensure reinforcement of identification with purposes, values, and ethics of the profession.
  • The field experience, which is offered concurrently with SWK 401 Generalist Practice II during the fall semester of the student’s senior year, provides the students with the opportunity to develop professional competence through supervised practice.
  • The social work field director offers three on-campus field instructor training sessions for field instructors each academic year which provide strong and comprehensive training.
  • The chief administrators have provided strong program leadership in an extraordinary co-directorship that is recognized by all stake-holders.
  • The energy, stamina, hard work, and commitment of the faculty, along with their qualifications, competence, and range of expertise in social work education and practice, make it possible for the Program to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • The program has admissions requirements that are rigorous and consistently enforced by the program’s co-directors. Requirements and procedures reflect program goals and objectives
  • Explicit criteria for evaluating student performance are presented in the syllabus of each social work course.
  • Throughout the Ursuline Core Curriculum and the social work curriculum there is emphasis on a continuous effort to provide a learning context of individual respect and an understanding of diversity. Individual respect is a core value of the College and the Program. Diversity is understood and appreciated, as is reflected in the 26% of minority students within the undergraduate population and 14% of minority faculty and staff.