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Sport Management Curriculum

Course of Study

Successful completion of 72 credit hours including: BU 200, 210, 220, 230, 310, 330, 340, 350, 375; AC 210, 211; EC 102, 103; MIS 300; PH 355; SPT 125, 200, 220, 310, 340, 450, 460, 475 and 2 SPT electives

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Course Descriptions

SPT 125 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
This course will provide an overview of the exciting world of sport management. Emphasis will be on the relationship between sports and management. The course will incorporate a three-pronged approached, emphasizing principles, applications and skill development. The study of sport will include sporting goods manufacturers, fitness centers, recreation departments, broadcasting, little league teams, high school, NCAA and professional leagues. The study of management focuses on the four functions of management -- planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

SPT 200 Sports and Society (3)
Course examines the social relations within the institution of sport and its role in the production and transformation of society. A sociological perspective of sports and its participants (athlete, coach, fan, media) serves as a foundation of the course. Emphasis will be placed on how sports reflect and reinforce social issues such as discrimination, based on gender, race, ethnicity and religion.

SPT 220 Sport Marketing (2)
A study of the history of sport marketing that emphasizes the application of marketing concepts to the sport industry today. This course will expand on the topics covered in both Introduction to Sport Management (SP125) and Principles of Marketing (BU 220). Topics will include promotions and public relations, sport consumer behavior, strategic market planning, marketing information management, marketing communications and sponsorship as it relates to sport organizations, both amateur and professional.
Prerequisites: SPT 125, BU 220

SPT 250 Sport Public Relations (3)
This course promotes the development of writing skills and styles used in sport organizations. It includes promotional writing, public relations, and business communications. Emphasis will be on research, organization, and revision to produce polished, final submissions. Specific areas addressed will include communications which improves customer service, team building, public speaking and mass communications in the print and electronic media.
Prerequisites: SPT 125, BU 200 and SPT 220

SPT 288 Special Topics (3)
A study of selected sport management topics.

SPT 301 Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (3)
An overview of the field of exercise psychology as it applies to sport. Both individual psychological behavior and team psychological behavior are examined. Topics include the psychology of competition, motivation, leadership and aggression.
Prerequisites: Completion of Stage 1 Self requirement and 32 hours of credit in business administration or departmental approval.

SPT 302 Sport Broadcasting (3)
An introduction to the relationship between sport and broadcasting in the American culture. This course provides a survey of historic, economic, legal and technical aspects of broadcasting including an investigation of audience research, selection of events, networks and rights fees.
Prerequisites: Completion of at least 32 credit hours in business administration or departmental approval

SPT 303 College Athletics (3)
An overview of the issues, problems, and concerns facing managers of collegiate athletics. Areas of emphasis include the organizational structure of college athletic departments, conferences, and the NCAA, as well as an analysis of current issues regarding academic and recruiting legislation, finances and Title IX/gender equity.
Prerequisites: Completion of 32 credit hours in business department or departmental approval

SPT 305 Advanced Sport Promotion (3)
An applied sport promotion class involving the application of promotional theory, event planning and management, public relations, sponsorship proposal writing and solicitation to an existing sporting event in order to enhance its presentation and meet class defined objectives which are to plan a sport event.
Prerequisite: SPT 250

SPT 310 Sport Finance (2)
The course will be an extension of the concepts of Principles of Finance and will focus on how Sport Finance is both different, and the same. This course examines finance and accounting principles as applied to managerial control of sport organizations. Areas of focus include forms of ownership, taxation, financial analysis, funds acquisition, feasibility studies and economic impact studies. This course includes not only the areas of current financial needs of the organization, but the future needs and how to evaluate financial needs and options for meeting those needs, especially in the public domain.
Prerequisites: AC 210, AC211, BU310

SPT 340 Sport Law (2)
This course will build on the fundamental gained in BU 340, Business Law and provide an examination of the legal issues applicable to both amateur and professional sports. Emphasis will be placed on identifying the legal issues in contract, tort, and constitutional law as they apply to the actions of athletic associations. Legal issues in risk management and employment law will also be explored. Collective bargaining, arbitration, and the representation of professional athletes will be addressed.
Prerequisite: BU 340

SPT 450 Sport Policy (3)
This course provides students with an opportunity to critique existing policies and practice the development of new policies for management of sport organizations. Policies will focus on ethical issues encountered in today's sport industry. This is the capstone course of the sport management concentration and will integrate all other areas of sport management into the development of strategies and policies for the sport organization.
Prerequisites: Senior level and at least 21 hours of SPT courses are required to be completed

SPT 460 Sport Practicum (3)
Students are able to apply classroom theory to practical experience through association with a community or campus organization. A number of different experiential opportunities exist through the local community and athletic departments, parks departments, and the professional and semi-professional sport organizations in northeastern Ohio area. Opportunities include experiences in facilities management, fundraising, game operations and promotions, and event management. Completion of 280 hours of work at the practicum and attendance at seminars held for practicum participants is required. This could be an unpaid or a paid experience.
Prerequisites: Completion of 40 credit hours in business administration or departmental approval

SPT 475 Sport Internship (3)
This course will provide the practical application of those things learned in the classroom as they are applied to the real world. Students will work within a sport organization in an area of their interest and abilities. Model for the class will be based on the Professional Studies Internship program. The course will require the completion of 120 hours at the internship site.
Prerequisites: Senior status or completion of 80% of concentration requirements

SPT 488 Special Topics (3)
A study of selected sport management topics.
Prerequisite: Approval of department chair required