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Art Therapy & Counseling

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Dear Prospective Student,

Have you been searching for a career that combines your desire to help others with your passion for the healing value of creativity and art making? The Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling Program at Ursuline enables students to combine those interests in a unique professional program, and prepares graduates to be eligible for both credentialing as art therapists and licensure as professional clinical counselors.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are artists who want to share the value of creativity and help others in their journeys. Others are from helping professions who see that the expressive arts enhance the therapeutic process and promote growth. Still others come from all walks of life, and may be pursuing a career change or embarking upon a new career after having raised their families.

Our philosophy incorporates a broad range of theoretical approaches, and we stress the development of the individual student's professional identity and theoretical approach. We are unique and so are you. Our goal is to help you to develop into the kind of art therapist and counselor you want to be by allowing for choices in internship sites, and in the focus of thesis work.

I have seen many students come through our program and emerge not only as proficient and effective professionals, but also as more mature and well integrated persons. In addition to providing a strong foundation in theory and technique, we also emphasize that the other essential tool of transformation for therapeutic process is the personal presence of the therapist. Students are encouraged to be reflective practitioners and to seek their own personal counseling outside of the department as they begin their clinical experiences.

We are personal and individual program pacing is encouraged for each student. Your personal plan is developed during advising sessions which take place each semester. Some students move quickly through the program, while others who have multiple responsibilities such as family and work, may take the time they need without overloading themselves.

Formed in 1986 under the direction of Sr. Kathleen Burke, OSU, Ph.D., along with three other core faculty members who remain to this day, the Ursuline program has been very stable, yet ever growing and expanding. Our students study in active, collaborative classrooms with expert faculty, who are experienced art therapists and counselors with expertise in a variety of specializations. Along with the core full-time faculty, several adjuncts, supervisors, thesis readers and other outside experts contribute to the learning of our students.

I hope you consider Ursuline as you pursue your career goals.

Gail Rule-Hoffman, M.Ed.
Director, Art Therapy and Counseling

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Mission and Goals

The Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling Program provides education and training in art therapy and professional counseling. Students learn to aid clients in exploring personal potentials and problems through both visual and verbal expression.

Graduates are prepared to work in a wide variety of clinical, education, and human service institutions, including hospitals, children's agencies, mental health and counseling centers, correctional and geriatric facilities, hospice care and wellness centers to name a few.

At Ursuline, the individual professional development of each student is nurtured. A wide range of placements are available for internships, and students are encouraged to develop areas of expertise in line with their strengths and interests.