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Executive MBA Curriculum

*This program is currently not accepting applications.*

Program Overview

The Executive MBA Program with a concentration in Ethical and Entrepreneurial Leadership is designed for those individuals interested in learning how to become entrepreneurial leaders and how to build an entrepreneurial organization of the future. Over the past thirty-five years, entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and new venture creation have had an extraordinary impact on cultural and economic landscapes, not only in the United States, but also on international basis. Entrepreneurship is opportunity-centered and it enables individuals to pursue and realize their dreams, to seek opportunities that match who they are, what they want to be, and how and where they want to live. Aspiring to create a new business or new project initiative is deeply embedded in American culture, and has never been stronger. A recent Gallup Poll survey showed that seventy percent of the respondents said they wanted to own their own business, which represented a sixty percent increase when compared to the response rate a decade ago.

The area of entrepreneurship has become an increasingly important area of study for managers and leaders in all types of organizations. Ursuline’s entrepreneurial and ethical leadership concentration focuses on the entrepreneurial leader as an innovative manager and the processes and techniques that one uses to manage from an ethical, values-based decision making perspective. The decisions that entrepreneurial leaders must make are typically multifaceted and require an integrative systems thinking perspective. Entrepreneurial leaders are creators of fundamental and radical change and therefore, they must learn how to adapt quickly to solving problems and making decisions within a dynamic global environment. Thus, all career paths in business could be enhanced by graduates who complete this concentrated area of study. Upon completion of the required courses of study, students will be able to: analyze business plans/project plans, evaluate resource requirements, conduct market research, determine financing strategies, create growth and divesture strategies,  conduct strategic planning and apply holistic systems thinking processes to enhance the creativeness of cross-functional teams (using technology as the enabler).

Executive MBA Program – Curriculum and Required Courses
MBA Degree with a Concentration in Ethical and Entrepreneurial Leadership (36 Credit Hours)
Please review MBA course descriptions for addtional information about each course.

List of Course Requirements and Recommended Sequence for Completing Each Course in the Program

MBA 512: Economics and Strategy
MBA 554: Integrated Project Management
MBA 507: New Venture Creation or MBA 502: Organizations as Systems
MBA 601: Marketing  and E-Commerce or MBA 631: Global Marketing
MBA 561: Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis or MBA 511: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
MBA 562: Financial Management
MBA 602: Operations Management
MBA 633: Management and Marketing of Innovations or MBA 632: Managing Creative People
MBA 603: International Business and Globalization
MBA 571: Managerial Accounting and Professional Ethics
MBA 669: Ethical and Entrepreneurial Leadership
MBA 651: Strategic Management