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Historic Preservation Opportunity Knocks!

Are you wondering about the experiences of our students and alumni? We invite you to explore this page to hear about their projects and read about their experiences.  And keep paging down if you would like to see examples of student M.A. thesis topics.

What our students and alumni have been saying:
Would you like to hear about the Ursuline Historic Preservation experience from the students themselves?  Then please watch this webinar, hosted by Heritage Ohio.  After a 20 minute introduction to the program from the director, 4 students share their experiences and projects with you.  


"The intimate environment of Ursuline affords students the opportunity to network with professionals on a level that is unparalleled at larger institutions. The experiences and activities that I have participated in at this institution have laid the groundwork for my career and lifelong goals." Kristina, Historic Preservation '09, Interior Designer, Herman Gibans Fodor, Inc., Architects??

“Pursuing a Master of Art in Historic Preservation at Ursuline College has been a rewarding, challenging and enlightening experience.  The Ursuline College Historic Preservation program has provided me with an in depth opportunity to study historic preservation.  Courses have explored all areas of historic preservation and broadened my concept of how cultural heritage impacts our communities and our country.  The faculty has brought a vast array of knowledge to the classroom and beyond.  Field trips have allowed me to learn off campus and on the site of all kinds of structures from National Landmarks to green building to adaptive reuse projects.  I have had many opportunities to participate in conferences and symposiums throughout the state of Ohio.  I have been encouraged to network and discuss preservation with professionals in the field.  The faculty has been engaging, supportive, and learned.   I cannot say enough positive things about the Historic Preservation Program at Ursuline College and my experience over the last two years.” Margaret, Historic Preservation ’12,  Heritage Home Program Assistant, Cleveland Restoration Society

“I did my undergraduate work at a prominent research university in Cleveland.  After coming back to school with a few years of corporate work experience behind me, I really appreciated the unconditional support and individual attention that I received at Ursuline.  I was able to complete an internship with the Western Reserve Historical Society for academic credit, and class projects connected me with several local history organizations with which I still stay in contact.  The historic preservation program reflects a wonderful combination of the liberal arts tradition and practical field training.  While I enjoyed the reading, writing, and discussion that occurred in a traditional classroom setting, classes like Conservation Studio also provided hands-on technical training that isn’t available anywhere else.  On a personal note, the faculty were extremely understanding and accommodating throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my first child.  Ursuline is a special institution, and the graduate historic preservation program is a unique and vital addition to it.  I am so proud to be among the first graduates of the program.”  Karen, Historic Preservation ‘11

Being the only college in Ohio to offer a bachelor and graduate degree in Historic Preservation, I appreciate Ursuline College for having the vision to implement this program into their curriculum.  Historic preservation is challenging because it encompasses federal, state, municipal laws and guidelines, as well as private and public interest.  It involves community revitalization, conservation, and civic pride, as well as being a major player in development through tax credits. The curriculum meets this challenging field because it addresses all aspects of preservation.  This provides the student with a well-rounded sense of historic preservation, the opportunity to identify a specialized field, with the exciting reality that this profession is constantly evolving.   As a graduate student this is an experience that I am blessed to have (even with the stress), and will be extremely proud of accomplishing a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation.”  Victoria, current graduate student

What our students and alumni have been doing:
Internship:  Congratulations to Hannah for receiving the Heritage Home Program Summer Internship at Cleveland Restoration Society.  April 2014.

Career: Congratulations to Kristina for completing her first LEED Silver Certification project through her firm, Herman Gibans Fodor Architects,  for the Benjamin Rose Institute for Aging office building.  Check out HGF's Facebook page for more details.

  Congratulations to Jessica for her new position as Principal Investigator/Architectural Historian at Environmental Resources Management in Beachwood.

Professional Development: Congratulations to current students Ashley, Beth, Hannah, Jessica, Karl, and Sarah for the acceptance of their panel presentation “Preservation Pockets: Past, Present, and Future in Northeastern Ohio” for Heritage Ohio this September 2014. 

Travel:  Congratulations to alum Elizabeth for being selected to join Kent State University’s travel abroad program in Florence, Italy.  June 2013

Professional Development: Congratulations to Emily for presenting a program based on her thesis, "Cain Park" to a standing room only crowd as part of the National Preservation Month series hosted jointly by the Cleveland Heights Library, Cleveland Heights Historical Society, and Cleveland Heights Landmark Commission.  June 2013.??

Graduate study:  Congratulations to new alum Jessica for the award of her graduate assistantship in the M.A. in Humanities program at John Carroll University.

Awards:  Congratulations to Emily for earning the "Best Research Practices from a Graduate Student" award at the May Ursuline Student Research Symposium. May 2013.??

Career:  Congratulations to Margaret for her new position at Cleveland Restoration Society. May 2013.??

Prospectus Hearing:  Congratulations to Victoria for her very successful prospectus hearing on Sunnimoor Farm. 2012.??

Prospectus Hearing:  Congratulations to Emily for her very successful prospectus hearing on Cain Park. 2012.??

Career:  Congratulations to Mary for her new position as Heritage Home Assistant at Cleveland Restoration Society.  May 2011.??

Awards: Congratulations! to Mary for receiving Ursuline College's Brand Illumination Award, January 2011.??

Community Project: Congratulations to Mary as her National Register nomination for Cleveland's LaSalle Theatre continues to make its way successfully through the state and federal nomination process.  This is also a paid consulting project! January 2011.??

Community Project: What fun!  Mary helped lead the Leadership Geauga Youth Heritage Bus Tour for another successful year. December 2010.??

Professional Development: Exceptionally well done!  Heather, Elizabeth, Margaret and Rachael did a tremendous job presenting their M.A. thesis topics to the Western Reserve Architectural Historians.  November 2010.??

Professional Development: Thanks to Mary and Barb for representing us at the Stan Hywet Historic Preservation Symposium. November 2010.??

Professional Development: Kudos to Mary, Heather, Rachael, and Julia for journeying to Austin, Texas, for the National Trust for Historic Preservation annual conference. Special thanks to Ursuline College for financial support. October 2010.?? 

Professional Development: Thanks to Mary for representing Ursuline at the Ohio Modern Symposium and the Cleveland Restoration Society's Annual Community Partner Lunch. Fall 2010.??

Professional Development: Thanks to Mary for representing UC at the Association for Midwestern Museum Conference. October 2010.??

Scholarships: Congratulations to Mary, the current recipient of the Goudreau Scholarship in Historic Preservation. September 2010.??

Prospectus Hearings: Congratulations to Karen Wright and Mary Ogle for the very successful completion of their M.A. thesis prospectus hearings. Fall 2010.??

Professional Development: Congratulations to Jessica for her hiring on the Preservation Corps. September 2010.??

Internship: Congratulations to Emily for successful completion of her internship in preservation planning in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Summer 2010.??

Internship: Congratulations to Heather and Elizabeth for successful completion of internships at the Cleveland Restoration Society. Summer 2010.??

Professional Development: Thanks to Josh and Mary for representing UC at the Heritage Ohio conference. And thanks to Ursuline College for supporting their attendance. June 2010.??

Community Connection: Thanks to the students who represented UC at the Donovan Rypkema presentation in Cleveland for Preservation Month. May 2010.??

Professional Development:  Mary reprised her panel session "Czeching It Out for More Than a Grade:  A Study in Community Outreach" at the Ohio Academy of History.  April 2010.??

Community Connection:  Congratulations to the Issues class for creating such a great exhibit table (The Greenest Building is the One that is already Built) for EarthFest at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  Special thanks to Karen for creating a companion website.  Business cards were used to direct people to the website to cut down on the need for brochures. April 2010.??

Professional Development:  Mary and Cassidy were accepted as presenters at the Fall 2009 Stan Hywet Historic Preservation Symposium. Their panel was entitled "Czeching It Out for More Than a Grade: A Study in Community Outreach." Dr. Stith moderated. Thank you to Ursuline College for financial support for their attendance.??

Internships: Mary completed her internship as a paid assistant for Dr. Stephen Sebesta on his Czech History project.??

Community Connection: Congratulations to Mary whose Archival Methods Practicum has developed in to a paid, part time position at St. Paschal Baylon. Summer 2009.??

Internships: Karen was accepted into an 8 week Public History volunteer internship this summer at Hale Farm and Village, a property of the Western Reserve Historical Society.??

Internships: Cassidy completed an internship with the Cleveland Restoration Society.??

Community Connection: Karen's project on Parkman, Ohio, for the Survey and Nomination class will provide much needed information for the Parkman Township Trustees and Parkman Historical Commission as they evaluate historic district possibilities for their community center which is being threatened by the proposed widening of Rt. 422 by ODOT in 2010.??


Ellis, Dawn. Historic Preservation and Car Culture. 2012.  This thesis explores the relationship between car culture and historic preservation in the United States. It examines the role of governmental programs such as the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 and national urban renewal projects of the 1960s and 1970s in the development of the dominance of the personal automobile in relation to land use and the built environment in the United States. The Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood of Tremont is highlighted as an example of the interplay between the forces of car culture and historic preservation in the United States

Fisher, Heather S. Defining Sense of Place Through Historic Character of Vernacular Architecture: The Creation of the Larchmere Boulevard Historic District.  2011.  The focus of this Master's thesis is on the exploration of the relationship between vernacular architecture, as represented on Larchmere Boulevard, and historic district eligibility criteria and its significance in identifying historic character and sense of place. Research will focus on the eclectic mix of historic commercial buildings and converted residential properties located in the Larchmere Boulevard Business District and the district's potential for National Register of Historic Places and City of Cleveland Local Landmark historic district designation. This thesis will concentrate on the establishment of an historic district based on the district's genuine local historic character and its vernacular architecture that conveys its unique sense of place.

Lann, Margaret A. Behind the Wall: The Painter Estate and the Ursuline Nuns of Cleveland. 2011.

Laudadio, Cassidy.  The Warner and Swasey Observatory, East Cleveland, Ohio.  2010.

Meinke, Elizabeth.  Planning, Preservation and Persistence:  Progressive Planning Advocate Charlotte Rumbold and Her Legacy’s Importance to Historic Preservation. 2012. Throughout her life and career Charlotte Rumbold was noted for her persistence and dedication to improving the conditions of residential housing and to creating more thoughtfully organized and accommodating public buildings and spaces. Though she was not an architect or lamenting the loss of historic structures, her work in both public and private planning organizations directly impacted the built world. To accurately interpret the history of the built world, a fundamental core of historic preservation, it is imperative to understand the motivations of those who helped shape the built world. I assert interpreting such influence is fundamental to the discipline of historic preservation. This thesis will explore Rumbold’s direct influence in the first half of the 20th century on residential housing, urban parks, city planning policy, broad social reforms, and how all these elements relate with the discipline of historic preservation.

Ogle, Mary.  LaSalle Theatre: The National Register Nomination and Assessment for Adaptive ReUse. 2011.

Smith, Emily. Cain Park:  Preserving an Innovative Park in American Theatre Movements. 2013. Cain Park is a community-owned and operated open-air performance space and has operated in this capacity almost continually since it opened in 1938.  A designated Cleveland Heights Landmark, the park is also eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and is a significant site in both local and national history.  It is the only known WPA-era municipally owned and operated outdoor theater in the state of Ohio.  Conceived in the mid-thirties, Cain Park is rich in history. The brainchild of Heights High School drama teacher Dr. Dina Rees Evans and Cleveland Heights Mayor Frank C. Cain, Cain Park's original purpose remains unaltered. In 1934, with the help of WPA funds and the Cuyahoga County Soldiers and Sailors Relief Commission, construction began for an amphitheatre complex. Since its inaugural season in 1938, Cain Park has remained a living symbol of the City's commitment to nurturing quality programming in the arts for an area population that undeniably thrives on it.  WATCH EMILY'S "CAIN PARK 75TH ANNIVERSARY" PRESENTATION AT http://youtu.be/lb2ZEXuJvd0 

Toth, Rachael, A Fight for Change:  The Story of Union Chapel. 2012.

Viviani, Kristina Kosloff. St. James the Greater Catholic Church in Lakewood, Ohio. 2009.

Wobig, Jessica.  Adapting Preservation: The Cleveland Environmental Center.  2013. The Cleveland Environmental Center historic retrofit project represents the evolution of historic preservation practice towards a more sustainable and conservation based approach, but this investigation shows that the first historic commercial retrofit in Cleveland, Ohio, succeeded by remaining true to historic preservation standards rather than relying solely on sustainability principles.                        ??

Wright, Karen.  A Study of Buildings Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. 2011.