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Liberal Studies Faculty

Dorothy Ann Blatnica, S.C., Ph.D.
Dr. Blatnica has been involved in interdisciplinary studies for her entire tenure at Ursuline College. Her doctoral degree is in American Studies from Case Western Reserve University. She holds an M.A. in theology from the University of Notre Dame and an M.Ed. from John Carroll University. She teaches in the Department of Religious Studies which also engages interdisciplinary scholarship. She has taught graduate students in the Master of Arts in Ministry program at Ursuline College and has had the opportunity to teach non-traditional-aged students for many years. She looks forward to engaging the beginning MALS students in the Introduction to Liberal Studies course.

Anthony Cafarelli, Ph.D.
Dr. Cafarelli currently teaches courses in health services management, long term care administration, macroeconomics, and human resource management. His Ph.D. is in urban education. His dissertation examined the effects of a liberal arts writing-intensive core curriculum on traditional-aged female freshmen students' self-esteem, self-efficacy, critical thinking/problem-solving skills and perceptions of future success. He currently is Program Director of both Health Services Management and Long Term Care Administration. He also manages and coordinates the Human Resource Management Program within the Department of Business Administration. Fun Facts

Beth DiNatale Johnson, Ph.D.
Beth DiNatale Johnson is Director of the Ursuline Studies Program. She earned a B.A. from Lake Erie College and studied at the University of Pisa as an undergraduate.Her M.A. is from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and she earned the Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Social Policy History.Her scholarly research on women's activism, higher education and aging gives her a broad historical perspective.A parallel interest in the development of social policies helps her place contemporary issues in historical context. She is chair of the undergraduate Women's Studies Program. She teaches courses in the interdisciplinary undergraduate core curriculum as well as the MALS Research Methods course. As past president of the Women Historians of Greater Cleveland she oversaw the publication of "A Guide to Archival Resources & Manuscripts on Women in Cleveland.

Timothy Kinsella, Ph.D.
Dr. Kinsella currently is the MALS Director. He holds an M.A. in History at John Carroll University, an M.A. in Government and International Studies from the University of South Carolina and a Ph.D. in American Studies from Case Western Reserve University. He teaches at the undergraduate level in the interdisciplinary core curriculum and is a member of the History Department. He also teaches Values and Their Expressions in the MALS Program. His research interests include cities, the sixties, and modern U.S. History. Fun Facts

Connie Korosec, Ph.D.
Dr. Korosec is Professor and Chair of Fashion Design & Merchandising at Ursuline College. She earned a Ph.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University.Her dissertation provides a compendium of information on headline events in the decade of the 1960s as they relate to fashion. She earned a M.A. degree and B.A. degree from Kent State University focusing on textiles and fashion merchandising.Dr. Korosec has co-authored and published six books on textiles and fashion. She lectures and specializes in textiles, costume design, CAD, and museum collecting. Dr. Korosec looks forward to engaging graduate students in the political, economic and social aspects of fashion. Fun Facts

George S. Matejka, Ph.D. (Duquesne University), S.T.L. (The Gregorian University, Rome, Italy)
Dr. Matejka, Chair of Ursuline's Philosophy Department, has extensive classroom teaching experience in the fields of philosophy and theology. His dissertation offered a philosophical interpretation of Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose and examined the issue of how literature can function as a means of communicating ethical values. In addition to his undergraduate teaching responsibilities, Dr. Matejka also teaches on the graduate level in both the MALS and Graduate Ministry programs.

Gary E. Polster, Ph.D.
Dr. Polster is an award-winning author (Inside Looking Out: The Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum, 1868-1924) who has taught sociology and anthropology courses since 1968. He has done fieldwork and taught in the West Indies at the University of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas and has lived with and studied fortune-telling Gypsy culture in Chicago. His areas of specialization include minority and ethnic studies and child and family studies.

Celeste Wiggins, Ph.D.
Dr. Wiggins received her M.A. from The Ohio State University and her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. She is a Professor in the English Department, specializing in American Literature, Theatre and Film.Much of her doctoral work was done in the area of film. She has written and presented papers on both literature and film to The Modern Language Association, Twentieth Century Literature Conference and The Midwest Modern Language Association, among others.She has also participated in the college's Faculty Lecture Series and created a course, "The Novels of Edith Wharton:Text into Film, for Ursuline College's Continuing Education Program. She served as former Director of the Ursuline Studies Program.