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Frequently asked urban teacher residency program questions:

What is the difference between MAP and the urban teacher residency program? The urban teacher residency program is the urban initiative under Ursuline College’s Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP).

What is urban teaching? Teaching in city schools, working with underserved, low-income youth and families who are often two or three years behind their suburban counterparts. The mission of Breakthrough is to close that gap.

What is a public charter school? Charter schools are independently run public schools which receive public and philanthropic funding. They are nonselective, free schools often serving low-income youth and families. Of the 34 highest performing public schools in Cleveland, 17 are public charter schools.

Who is eligible for this program? Candidates who possess a Bachelor’s Degree, desire to enter the teaching profession and are passionate about urban education. MAP admission requirements.

How long will it take to complete the urban teacher residency program? In one year, graduates will attain a Master’s Degree in Education through Ursuline's Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP) and an Ohio teaching license, while teaching at one of the highest performing urban public charter schools in Cleveland.

How much will the program cost? Is there a discount for the urban teacher residency program? The 2017-18 credit hour cost is $548, reflecting a discount of 50% over the general tuition. 

What is the TEACH Grant Program? The grant consists of $4,000 (up to $6,000 total for students in the urban teacher residency program, which includes a summer semester) per academic year to students who intend to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. These funds will serve as a scholarship if you teach in an urban environment (such as Breakthrough) for four years. In exchange for receiving a TEACH Grant, you must be a highly-qualified, full-time teacher in a high-need subject area for at least four years at a school serving low-income students. You must complete the four years of teaching within eight years of finishing the program for which you received the grant. You incur a four-year teaching obligation for each educational program for which you received TEACH Grant funds, although you may work off multiple four-year obligations simultaneously under certain circumstances. For more information click here.

When does the program begin? The program will begin May 31, 2017 and conclude in May 2018.

How do I apply? Apply through Ursuline College’s Master Apprenticeship Program (MAP). Click here to apply. For more information on Breakthrough Charter Schools contact careers@breakthroughcleveland.org.

Will I get to work in an urban school while going through the program? You will be placed in one of the Breakthrough Charter Schools or other high performing urban schools under the guidance of a mentor teacher.

Are schools in Cleveland hiring? Breakthrough Charter Schools will be hiring dozens of teachers starting in 2012. There will be opportunities to be a part of the founding faculty within this growing network of urban school. Graduates will be carefully considered to fill those positions.

What types of licensure are available? Licensures are available in the following areas: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent to Young Adult and Special Education.