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Whether the goal is to deepen your understanding in your current field or gain competence in a new area of study, an Ursuline College academic certificate may assist you in reaching that goal. Certificate programs at Ursuline cover the core foundational theories of a discipline or field without requiring the time or financial commitment of obtaining a full degree. Ursuline College currently offers certificates in the following areas:

Education: Early Childhood Generalist (4-5) Endorsement
Education: Reading Endorsement
Educational Administration: Principal Licensure
MSN Post Master’s Certificate: Adult Nurse Practitioner
MSN Post Master’s Certificate: Family Nurse Practitioner
MSN Post Master’s Certificate: Clinical Nurse Specialist
MSN Post Master’s Certificate: Palliative Care
MSN Post Master’s Certificate: Nursing Education

Health Care Administration
Health Care Informatics
Human Resources
Legal Studies
Management Information Systems

Fashion Design
Fashion Merchandising

Gainful Employment Certificate Programs

Federal regulations require institutions to disclose to prospective and current students certain information about Gainful Employment Programs.  A "Gainful Employment" program is a certificate program that leads to gainful employment in a recognized occupation.  Ursuline College currently offers some certificate programs that meet the Gainful Employment definition – these are the only certificate programs in which students would be eligible for federal student loans and other aid.  Information about the certificate programs, including related occupations, graduation rates, median loan debt for program completers, on-time completion rates and other pertinent facts is available on the following documents and on the specific academic program’s web page.


Gainful Employment Certificate Programs:


·   Educational Administration Principal Licensure Certificate

·   Health Care Administration Certificate

·   Health Care Informatics Certificate

·   Human Resource Management Certificate

·   Legal Studies Certificate

·   MSN: Adult Gerontology Certificate

·   MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate

·   MSN: Palliative Care Certificate