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Frequently Asked Questions

When do clinicals begin?
Clinicals begin during the first semester of the sophomore year as one of the 3 componets of NR 245:  Holistic Nursing Practice.

How long will it take me to complete the program?
Students entering the program without prior college coursework will be able to complete the program in 4 years. Students who transfer prerequisite courses to Ursuline may complete the program in as little as 3 years. It takes 3 years to complete the nursing requirements with normal progression through the program.

How far will I have to drive for clinicals?
Although a car will be necessary, all clinical sites are located in the Greater Cleveland area. 

How large are the classes?
Although Nursing courses have a maximum enrollment of 30 students, many classes are much smaller.

What is your instructor to student ratio in the clinical setting?

We average eight students to one instructor. In many cases it may be as low as six to one.

What are your NCLEX results?
Ursuline students have an exceptional NCLEX pass rate. We have consistently been above the national average since inception, achieving 100% pass rate for at least 3 years since 1999.

Do your graduates have success in career placement?
Our graduates are very successful in finding jobs. Because of our reputation for quality nurses, many students apply for and receive jobs before they graduate or take the NCLEX. Many organizations attend our job fairs seeking Ursuline graduates.

May I be admitted directly into nursing or do I need to be placed on a waiting list?
Most students who meet admission criteria to the BSN program are admitted directly into the nursing program. There is no waiting list for admission into the program once criteria is met.