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Nursing students and graduates of Ursuline College have a special touch that sets them apart from their peers. Utilizing a strong liberal arts curriculum that stresses effective communication and nursing courses rooted in evidence and the expertise of current professionals in the field, nurses from UC are well-equipped to make a positive impact in the nursing profession. Though Ursuline offers a number of nursing programs designed to meet the needs of the diverse student body, the benefits of earning a BSN at Ursuline are the same among all programs. From the beginning of their program, students are receiving excellent training from professional nursing faculty with expertise in their field. From holding advanced degrees to sitting on the Ohio Board of Nursing, the faculty in the Breen School of Nursing are more than qualified to help students to do amazing things. The new nursing lab at Ursuline provides high tech and hands-on experiences with enough patient-simulator mannequins to allow each student to have one on one experience practicing both life-saving and routine procedures.

Thanks to Ursuline's direct-entry admission process, students begin clinicals early on in their degree program at world-class facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, learning from some of the best medical professionals in a variety of specialties. All nursing students complete a practicum during their last semester at Ursuline working one on one with a nurse which adds to their clinical experiences and makes them more competitive in the job market upon graduation. Don't just take our word for it... the numbers show this approach is working with 100% of nursing students having a job in their field at the time of graduation. Combined with Ursuline's affordability and an average starting salary of $57,000, a BSN from Ursuline college will pay off for years to come.