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Student Testimonials

  • " Ursuline College gave me a voice I didn't know was there and had faith in me when I doubted myself!" Marchelle McCall, '15
  • "I feel really proud to say that I am an Ursuline student. I believe the closeness of the students helps me want to do well and not afraid to seek help." - Cherese McDowell '13
  • "My decision to attend Ursuline has opened my eyes to academic excellence." - Angel Williams '11
  • "Being at Ursuline has been good for my self-confidence. Other nursing schools seem to thrive on threats of failure and criticism. Ursuline focuses on positive reinforcement, and encourages questioning and exploring." - Stephanie Kelland '11
  • "My experience has affected my life dramatically. I am more aware of things around me; my knowledge towards healthcare has grown so much." - Halle Barret '12
58% of current Ursuline students wanted to become nurses so they can help people.
54% of current Ursuline students chose Ursuline's nursing program because of its reputation.

Alumnae Testimonials

  • "I applied to many nursing programs, and was accepted to all. I did not even visit Ursuline before making my decision. I did not even know it was a primarily all girls, Catholic school. All I knew was it had a great reputation for a nursing program. After my first semester as a transfer student from Lakeland Community College, I knew: I did not choose Ursuline, Ursuline chose me. Nursing school is objective and the skills are concrete. I needed the other aspects that came with a BSN degree from Ursuline, the shaping of the individual spirit. I would not have gotten this anywhere else. I truly feel that in another program I would have had the same empty feeling upon completion. Yes, I would have had a nursing degree, but I would not have transformed into the person I am today." - Linda Bentley '10
  • "I have no regrets. The professors are encouraging and ready to help. -Monyette Rutledge '10
  • "ICE was my most memorable experience. My preceptor is fantastic and I could not have asked for a better experience." - Stephanie Datko '10
  • "I never realized how reputable Ursuline was until I was on the clinical floor. When I told people where I went to nursing school they said how reputable UC was and I shouldn't have a problem finding a job since UC is one of the best schools for nursing. I do like this fact and the fact that it is a private catholic campus which supports my faith as well. This part really struck me when in my sophomore year at the beginning of clinical all the students had a 'Blessing of Hands" ceremony in the chapel. This was a beautiful reminder that each of our hands would do great things for our patients and that nursing is much more than a job....it's a ministry! Only God can work through us and he uses our hands to do great things!" - Christina Furfari '10
  • "My most memorable moment was my sophomore year when we started clinicals. In the morning before we left, my friends and I all were taking pictures of us in our uniforms then went on to the blessing of the hands ceremony. I think that ceremony not only meant a start of a new chapter in my life but it symbolized that our hands will help heal people too." - Justine Rastatter '10
  • "Everyone loves an Ursuline nursing student. I don't know how many people have told me that Ursuline nursing students are so well rounded and make such caring, compassionate nurses. Ursuline is a very respected nursing school and I am proud to say that I am an Ursuline College grad!" - Jillian Surovey '10
  • "When I was in high school the principal of my school told me you should go to Ursuline. I wanted to go to a bigger school, which I did. However, I transferred to Ursuline and have attended Ursuline for three years. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I have realized that the clinical sites that the directors have chosen for us are the best experience that I couldn't get anywhere else than Cleveland, Ohio." - Katie McGrath '10
  • "I feel as if I have matured with the challenges I have faced, become efficient in time management (with school work as well as outside life), become confident in the role as a nursing student and networking with those at work (CCF) as well as at school. Overall the program has hugely impacted my life; the skills I have acquired thus far are those that will carry me on through my next chapter, my career and graduate school." - Jennifer Stauffer '10
  • "I wanted a nursing education, and that is what I got. I was able to obtain a job at the hospital I chose. I am still there today, nearly 29 years." - Debra Wilden '81
  • "I remember when Sister Diana saw me outside one day and just started up a conversation with me. I thought it was really special that she would take the time out to talk to one of the students. I don't really remember the details of the conversation, but I remember thinking what a great support system they have at Ursuline." - Colleen Foster '01
  • "In our first Nursing class, sophomore year (Fall of 1972), our instructor talked about nurse practitioners and well care, both very foreign ideas to many of us. One of my classmates told us that she wanted to go back to school for her Master's degree as soon after graduation as she was able; I did not understand why she might want to do this. Fifteen years after graduation, I went back to school for my Master's degree, and continue to enjoy my "second career" in Nursing as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner." - Ruth Simon '75SJ
  • "My being a nursing student at Ursuline has affected my life in a beautiful way. Ursuline's nursing program focused on developing me as a person and as a nurse. The teachers went the extra mile to help me and they stressed the importance of looking at people as more than patients. I have more confidence in myself and feel like I can compete with nurses who have graduated from other nursing programs and because of Ursuline and it's awesome reputation I am able to work for a Magnet Hospital that is well-known throughout the Nation." - Sherri Horne-Douglas '09
  • "My fellow students, especially in the MSN program, really bonded. We developed first study groups that quickly became permanent friendships that are still going strong today. We still email each other, keep each other informed about new upcoming CEU programs, job opportunities, get together for lunch and gossip. These friendships were forged in necessity to help each of us get through the program as well as we could but they became much more than that and will probably last a lifetime." - Rose Cromwell BSN '94, MSN '07
  • "My most memorable experience was probably the closing of St. John and the move to the Ursuline campus. Although this was very difficult for all of us, the staff at Ursuline welcomed us and were sensitive to our pain. My senior year was as positive as it could be."- Connie Buran '76SJ
  • "The day Roe vs. Wade passed I was in the labor and delivery component of my OB rotation. That day a woman was delivering a 20 week gestation fetus. The woman's amniotic fluid sac broke and the fetus had to be delivered. Several hours later my instructor gathered us into the delivery and showed us what the fetus looked like. It was beautiful. Ten toes, ten perfect fingers, it was drawing breathes looked perfect but small, VERY small. Then the instructor educated us in the decision passed that day by the Supreme Court. I am not a highly political person but seeing the beautiful child made me a strong anti-abortion advocate. Several times in my career and life, choices directly reflected that morning's clinical experience." - Sue Bialorucki '74SJ
  • "My experience as a nursing student at Ursuline has directly impacted my nursing practice. The foundation I received at Ursuline made it easier to transition to taking care of patients in the acute care setting. I feel I was able to work at Cleveland Clinic right out of nursing school with the skills needed to succeed in my nursing practice." - Laura Keglovic '86
  • "In my senior year we had community nursing. One of my assignments was to take care of a Vietnamese family. I would visit them on a regular basis and always looked forward to the visit. We both learned from each other about our ethnic backgrounds and how we were different but the same. I often wonder what happen to that family. It reminds me that no matter who we are, where we come from, or how we were raised we are still the same because we belong to the human race. That experience always reminds me to respect the cultural diversity of everyone I encounter and this is what I pass on to others as well." - Christine Garrett '77SJ
  • "I do remember that I did a semester at the Veteran's day program in downtown Cleveland. We tried to entertain the Veterans and do projects with them. My instructor at the time told me I was so talented. No one had ever said that I had any talent so I asked her what this talent was. She said, "You have such a gift in the way you talk to people and get them involved." It is a small thing but it certainly meant a lot to me." - Loretta Taggart '96
  • "Ursuline College inspired me to believe in the power of strong, educated women. Being surrounded by strong professors who pushed me to be my best in whatever I pursued really pushed me beyond my wildest dreams. I still draw on these principles today in my role as interim, vice president of nursing at Sentara CarePlex Hospital here in Hampton, VA." - Ethlyn Gibson '83
  • "In 1979 when I began working on my BSN, I had experienced a great deal of turmoil in my life. My self-esteem was low, and hopelessness was a "constant visitor". The courses and faculty at Ursuline College offered challenge and hope for a better future. I'll always be grateful!" - Roberta Stokes '83
  • "As an RN to BSN student with a career and family - there was little in the way of social - but what I remember most was the high touch environment - the personal approach - and the faculty - particularly in religious studies." - Patricia Sharpnack '84
  • "Sister Kathleen and Jackie always gave me a positive feedback and very supportive, without them I would it never made it through." - Sherry Cheever BSN '05, MSN '09
  • "When I was a freshman going into my sophomore year it was a time I will always remember. My GPA was not so great and I had to meet with the Dean of Nursing. I was so nervous and thought I was not going to be able to continue in the program. My parents and I met with the Dean and discussed a plan. I was asked if I would only take 1 course the following semester and try to get a good grade in it. I was very sad initially because this meant I would not move on with all my new friends in college. I would be behind a year. Actually, I was devastated. My whole life dream was to become a nurse I knew this in elementary school that this is what I wanted to do. So I decided to do as was instructed and I took one class. Guess what I took? It was anatomy and physiology and you guessed it, I received an A in the class. I learned a most important lesson during this trying time. If I set my heart and mind to something that I want to accomplish, I can do it. It was awesome and I will carry that lesson with me throughout my life and pass it on to my children. I thank Ursuline for that experience." - Diane Dreis-Darnell '89
  • "At Ursuline I always felt that I had the all of the support that I needed to be successful. The experience also taught me that I was not too old to be a student, to learn and to continue to set and achieve both life and career goals." - Elizabeth Shortle '88
  • "I am the first to graduate from college in my family. My most memorable moment was after our commencement and all of our professors/teachers stood in the hallway clapping for us. That's when I realized "I did it, I actually did it!"" - Allison Pawlak '06
  • "The decision to be a nurse has provided me with a job that I am good at and I truly enjoy. Given the choice to stop working or not, I don't think I could. I'd at least have to work part time." -Chris Keil '77
  • "The quality of the St. John program carried over to Ursuline." - Janet Zaibek '76SJ

44% of Ursuline nurses who responded became nurses because they wanted to help people.

Faculty Testimonials

  • "The enthusiasm of the students, their desire to learn, and an awareness that I do indeed have knowledge to share, has renewed my passion for nursing." -Karen Link
  • "My husband was a patient at University Hospital 6 years ago and I had the good fortune of being a recipient of the excellent nursing care of several of our graduates secondhand. When an Ursuline graduate was present, my husband's issues were managed quickly and the frustration level for both us was manageable. Being hospitalized or being the spouse of someone in the hospital is a stressful experience and I felt the difference a kind and knowledgeable nurse can make in patient outcomes." -Mary Jo Deucher
  • "After many attempts of communicating with and trying to connect with a student, it appeared that the student had an "a-ha" moment. It was gratifying to work so hard to help a student achieve success." - Dana Hansen, MSN, ACHPN
  • "I have never worked somewhere where the cohesiveness of the employees is so strong. One person can make an immense impact on us all. Each person has strengths that compliment the group. I feel it is the unique colleagueship that leads to a nurturing nursing education for our students. It is the care we model for our students that they give their patients, and because of this, they stand out." - Becky Bofinger
  • "As a practicing ICU nurse, it was a transition to being in the classroom, but I really like it. I think I have learned a lot from the students. Some of them have come from really tough backgrounds and they do whatever they can to be successful. I read and read and read that enormous critical care book the first year I was full-time because I wanted to be the best teacher I could be. Then I realized that just knowing the information doesn't cut it. I have to make the information understandable to the students. Critical care has some rather complex ideas, so I have come up with all kinds of silly things like balloons, chocolate etc...and kind of put myself out there to get my point across. I hope, in the end, they are taking their NCLEX and remember-รข??oh yeah, that's the balloon thing Carol did!'" - Carol Duber, MSN, RN, CNP, CCRN
  • "My most memorable moments revolve around the students and their success which I have felt a part of during my career. For example, each time a student becomes a key figure in nursing leadership I take pride in the fact I was part of that success. Student success of which I'm proud are many but a few examples are: 1) Janet Baker,'03, as a R.N. to B.S.N. student and a graduate of the Masters program who is in charge of the graduate program at Ursuline is a joy to watch as a professional do great things for students she is responsible for now; 2) Ronald Dziedzicki, '81, who I had as a undergraduate student in a clinical leadership course is now in a top leadership position at University Hospitals of Cleveland; 3) Kathleen Holian DiMaria,'92, an R.N. to B.S.N. graduate who is now an Advanced Practice Nurse working in anesthesiology; and 4) Lisa Kuhen,'01, an R.N. to B.S.N. graduate who is also an Advanced Practice Nurse working with acutely ill medical patients." - Alice Kempe

57% of faculty chose to teach in Ursuline's nursing program because of Ursuline's atmosphere

Patient Testimonials

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