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Ursuline Studies Program / Developmental Goals

The three stages of the Ursuline Studies Program parallel the learning styles and perspectives on knowledge first identified by the authors of Women’s Ways of Knowing. Grounded in theories about how women learn, the curriculum begins with the self and uses personal experience to create a relevant learning environment that is beneficial to both women and men. The model embraces the concept of “connected knowing,” which encourages faculty and students to actively engage in the learning process, disciplinary content and collaborative discussion.
Stage One: Designed to facilitate the move from received knowing, in which knowledge is passively accepted from others, to subjective knowing, in which knowledge is personally appropriated as one’s own.

Stage Two: Designed to facilitate the move from subjective knowing, in which one’s position is considered absolute, to procedural knowing, in which one’s own position is seen in relation to those of others.

Stage Three: Designed to facilitate the move from procedural knowing, in which one learns to evaluate various perspectives in relation to each other, to constructed knowing, in which one’s own knowledge is meaningfully integrated with that of others and in which value statements and personal commitments are possible.

At each of these stages, the Ursuline Studies Program enhances the personal development that always accompanies intellectual growth.