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Core Curriculum Faculty: Ursuline Studies Program (USP) & Ursuline Core Curriculum (UCC)

Pipino, Mary ‘Mimi’
Frances, Ph.D.
Director, USP/UCC - English
Faculty Member Department(s)
Belz, Lisa Marie, O.S.U., Ph.D. USP/UCC - Religious Studies - Graduate Ministry
Cafarelli, Anthony, Ph.D. USP/UCC - Business
Glavac, Cynthia, O.S.U., Ph.D. USP/UCC - English
Kinsella, Timothy, Ph.D. USP/UCC - History
Martin, Linda Ph.D. USP/UCC - Graduate Ministry
McVay, Pamela, Ph.D. USP/UCC - History
Messina, Gina, Ph.D. USP/UCC - Religious Studies
Polster, Gary, Ph.D. USP/UCC - Sociology
Snyder, Jenise, Ph.D. USP/UCC - Biology
Stith, Bari Oyler, Ph.D. USP/UCC - Historic Preservation
Weaver, Natalie, Ph.D. USP/UCC - Religious Studies - Graduate Ministry
Faculty Diversity Fellows

Kumbalonah, Abobo, Ph.D. USP