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Sister Diana @uc_pres   Whatever our vocation-married, single or religious-we have the opportunity every day to be faithful. It can be thankless but do it anyway.
Ursuline Studies Program / Learning Perspectives

A liberal arts education prepares students to look at life and learning from diverse viewpoints. The perspectives which are listed below are woven into all of the courses that make up Ursuline‚Äôs core curriculum. As students move through the program they learn to look at life and learning from these perspectives and  develop a strong foundation for living in a diversified society. 

Collaborative learning is collegial, cooperative, connected; it takes into account issues of gender, race and class.

Global learning takes place in a wide variety of cultures.

Historical learning provides an understanding of ourselves and society in relation to the human condition over time.

Philosophical learning is built around values and meaning.

Religious learning respects the spiritual dimension of life.

Scientific learning involves inquiry, posing hypotheses and systematically supporting them.