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Teaching Excellence Awards

Teaching Excellence Awards

Two Teaching Excellence Awards to be awarded in the spring of 2017. One award for a full-time faculty member and a second award for an adjunct or part-time faculty member.

Each of the awardees will receive an award of $500.00. Take this opportunity to acknowledge those who have enhanced student learning! 

Who is eligible for nomination?

Nominees must be current faculty who have completed at least three years at the college. (An awardee is not eligible for the same award more than once in seven years.) 

Who may make a nomination?

Nominations may come from faculty, students, administrators and alumnae/i (no self-nominations). Nominators are urged to resubmit nominations the following year(s) for non-awardees. 

How and when should a recommendation be made?

Each nominator should submit a "letter of recommendation" to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) of Ursuline College, emphasizing at least a few of the "Criteria for Teaching" listed in the College's Faculty Handbook by April 3, 2017. The criteria are as follows:

1.  Demonstrating currency in subject matter of individual discipline
2.  Demonstrating teaching effectiveness through: 
  • Systematic curriculum development
  • Preparation of course materials
  • Utilization of effective instructional methods
  • Development and utilization of appropriate evaluation methods
  • Sensitivity to different student learning styles
  • Consistency with the Ursuline Studies Program philosophy
3.  Relating teaching strategies to the mission of Ursuline College
4.  Demonstrating enthusiasm for teaching and learning
5.  Providing formative and summative feedback to students during the leaning process
6.  Contributing, when feasible, to the core curriculum
7.  Demonstrating willingness to supervise student learning experiences, such as interdepartmental studies, catalog courses take independently, internships, etc.

Each nominee will be asked to submit information in support of their nomination. 

How will the awardees be selected?

The nominating committee, whose charge it will be to recommend the awardees to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, will consist of the following: 

  • previous year's awardee 
  • three students (two junior or senior undergraduates and one graduate student) 
  • four full-time faculty members, one from each of the Schools 
  • one alumna/us 
  • two adjunct faculty members 

Neither the number of nomination letters on behalf of a particular nominee nor the writing style of the letters will determine the decisions by the nominating committee; rather the decisions will be made in terms of how adequately a few of the criteria are addressed in the letters. 

When will the awards be announced and presented?

The awards will be announced during the spring semester and presented as part of the following November's Founder's Day festivities. 

For further information:

Contact the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs at 440 646 8107. 

What are the Teaching Excellence Awards?

Student learning is the hallmark of the mission of Ursuline College. That mission is accomplished first and foremost by good teaching - teaching that strives for greater and greater excellence.

Teaching excellence has been recognized on our campus for a long time. by inaugurating the annual teaching excellence award in 2003 for a full-time faculty member, we wanted to honor all the excellent teaching that has taken place here at Ursuline College since 1871, especially the excellent teaching going on now.