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Where do I get a parking permit? Where can I park?

Parking permits are available at the Student Service Center. The parking lots west of Pilla and north of O'Brien are designated faculty and staff lots. The area east of Mullen is visitor parking. The remaining lots are open for everyone.

Who needs to know if I change my personal information?

The Payroll office and Human Resources should be notified as well as your area Vice President.

Where can I get blank part-time time sheets?

Blank part-time time sheets are available at the Business Office.

If payday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, when is my check available?

Only when payday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, paychecks are available and funds are deposited on the Friday before the 15th and the friday before the last day of the month.

When can I start using accrued vacation days?

Although an employee may accrue vacation during the first 60 days of employment, no employee will be allowed any vacation time off during the period.