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Ursuline College @Ursulinecampus   October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, contact OCCS and get help now!

GO GREEN for Sustainability
March 17th
Pilla Atrium 11am-2pm

  • Sign the Sustainability Commitment
  • Learn more about the recycling efforts at Ursuline College
  • Watch the "Dumpster Dive" that took place on campus
  • Receive Carbon Fest information
  • Sign-up for EarthFest

Dumpster Dive

Mission Statement

The search for wisdom engages a holistic approach to learning and calls us to recognize our kinship with all of creation. Thus we are committed to do the following:
  • To think globally and act locally to raise awareness of environmental issues on campus.
  • To bring these issues to the attention of those who can provide a response to them.
  • To encourage 100% participation of the administration, faculty, staff and students in reducing our carbon footprint on campus.
  • To provide resources and programs for sustainable practices on campus.
  • To create a spirit of personal responsibility for the well-being of our campus as a sacred place of God's creation.