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U.S. Census Bureau - A wealth of data about the United States, including population and housing, busines and industry, and more. Quick links are provided for the Census 2000 and 2010 websites.

CIA World Factbook - Comprehensive resouce of facts and statistcs on more than 250 countries and other entities.

Congress.org - Enter your zip code to quickly find contact information for your federal, state, and local representatives. This site also provides access to Roll Call, a daily Capital Hill newspaper.

CongressLink - Provides information about the U.S. Congress; how it works, its members and leaders, and public policies it produces. Directed to teachers of American Government and Civics.

Fedstats - Access to official statistics collected and published by federal agencies.

Fedworld - Gateway to information disseminated by the federal government including documents, forms, and other files and databases.

NationMaster.com - Central site that allows the user to find statistics on countries from a number of authoritative resources.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics - Data from more than 100 sources about many aspects of criminal justice in the United States.

Statistical Abstracts - Collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States and selected international data. The library holds this volume in the reference collection.

Supreme Court - Official site of the United States Supreme Court. Search Supreme Court files and Supreme Court Docket Files.

Thomas - "Legislative information from the Library of Contress." Search bills, committee reports, and presidential nominations and learn more about current Congress activity on this website.

United States Government Manual - Comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.

USA.gov - Centralized place to find information from U.S. local, state and federal government agency websites.

Vital Statistics of the United States - Annual reports that present detailed vital statistics data, including natality, mortality, marriage and divorce.