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BBC's Story of Africa - Tells the history of the continent from an African perspective.

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem History - Columbia University site includes audio and video clips.

Harlem Hospital WPA Murals - This site tells the story of these murals, their creators, and the controversy surrounding their subject matter. The site contains a number of video clips that talk about the artwork, along with some nice biographical portraits of the artists, who included Charles Alston, Vertis Hayes, and Georgette Seabrooke.

Rhapsodies in Black - Visual arts during the Harlem Renaissance


Ancient City of Athens - A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece).

Athenian Agora Excavations - Provides information on the Athenian Agora.

Classical Language Instruction Project at Princeton University - This site contains samples of Greek and Latin prose and poetry texts, read by various scholars and in different styles.

Homeric Singing - An Approach to the Original Performance

Theban Mapping Project - A comprehensive archaeological database of Thebes.

Middle East

Al-Mashriq - Online repository for cultural multimedia information from the Levant (Al-Mashriq) in general and Lebanon in particular based at Ostfold College, Halden (Norway).


Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance - In the 14th century, creativity was the watchword of the city of Florence. The Renaissance was starting, and individuals like painter Giotto di Bondone were revolutionizing this corner of the fine arts. This historical moment in Italy is the inspiration for this singularly wonderful exhibit from the Getty Museum. The collection brings together works by Giotto, along with contemporaries like Bernardo Daddi, Taddeo Gaddi, Pacino de Bonaguida, and others. Visitors can make their way through this digital version of the exhibit via sections that include Devotional Art, Technical Studies, and Giotto & Pacino. One area that should not be missed here is The Laudario. Here visitors can examine 24 leaves from this exceptional manuscript that was disassembled in the early 19th century. What's even more excellent is that there's a bit of narration and context provided by curator Christine Sciacca.

Renaissance - Information for students from the Annenberg Foundation and PBS. Based on a video instructional series on Western civilization.

Chateau de Versailles (Palace of Versailles) - Website of the Chateau de Versailles, includes maps, virtual tours, and information on the history of the palace.