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Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland Sponsorship


Though Ursuline College is organized as a private corporation with its own independent Board of Trustees, the institution maintains close ties to its founders, the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland. This relationship is formally acknowledged through the establishment of a sponsorship arrangement whereby the religious community engages in ongoing interactions with members of the College community. The following sponsorship statement expresses the characteristics of this relationship:

Sponsorship Statement

The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, Ohio are committed to the transformation of society by spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Acting as God's instruments we reconcile and empower others to be Good News for all God's people, giving special emphasis to families, women, the economically poor, and the powerless. We stand as a sign of hope and healing in our world.

True to St. Angela's charism to be open to the Spirit, dynamically adaptable to society's changing needs and sensitive to women's needs, we see our individual ministries as well as our service in sponsored institutions as characterized by Gospel values of:


Grounding our ministry in prayer
Fostering a contemplative stance toward life
Faith-sharing of common vision


Ministering with and to the poor and powerless
Initiating and/or influencing systemic change
Collaborating with others in ministry
Using resources responsibly


Sharing our love of God through an openness to others and their needs
Supporting others in developing a sense of self-worth
Reverencing the dignity of each person
Extending hospitality