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Submit a Work Order

To submit a Work Order:

Click here: Maintenance Work Order

Step 1: The first time you access the system you will need to create an account by entering your name and Ursuline email address, and by creating a password unique to you. This step should not be needed after the first time. After your first time accessing the work order system you will only need to enter your Ursuline email address and the password you created for your work order account.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Jim Simonson at (440)646-8303.
*You will see a page to enter your name and other contact information. This information will be kept by the system and you will only be asked to verify your information on subsequent visits.

**If  you are asked to enter the ORGANIZATION Number, it is 477092524

Step 2: You will be directed to a page where you will click and/or enter information about  the work you need/are requesting. Boxes with red check marks are required fields. Click on the drop down arrow and highlight a Location that you want the work to be done. Follow the same steps for Building and Area *if selections are available. Be sure to include your room # or the area description.

Step 3: Select the icon that best describes your problem and click on it.

Step 4: Type in a description of the problem.

Step 5: Type in the best time for a technician to come by if available. *This DOES NOT create an appointment time! This is merely a suggestion. Work orders are addressed by level of importance/need.   

Step 6: Type (mm/dd/yy) or Click on the calendar to enter a date. *This DOES NOT create an appointment day!

Step 7: Type in the password workorder. This password is separate from the password you created for your work order account.

Step 8: Click submit.

After you click submit, the screen will refresh and go to the My Request Tab. On this screen you will see up to date information on your request including the status, work order number and action taken notes. You can click on the number next to the status description to see all requests marked with that status.

You can search for any work order request by typing in a key word in the Search box and clicking on Go. This will pull up any of your requests with that word in it. (ex: keys would pull up any request dealing with keys).

Click on the Work Request Tab to input a new request.