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List of Student Organizations
Advisor: Joann Piotrkowski (x8327)
The purpose of Allies is to provide all Ursuline College students, whether they are gay, straight, bisexual, or transgendered with political, self and community awareness of current GLBT issues.

Anime Club
Advisor: Sr. Rosaria Perna (X6093)
Anime club's purpose is to bring together people with an interest in anime and Japanese culture in a fun and inclusive environment.

Commuter Student Organization (CSO)
Advisor: Joann Piotrkowski (x8327)
The purpose of CSO is to provide commuter students with the opportunity to 1) get to know other students; 2) get involved in on-campus and off-campus activities; 3) voice their opinions and recommendations about matters of commuting to campus; 4) help others in need through community service. CSO also hosts monthly commuter luncheons.

Dancing Arrows
Advisor: Emily Smith (x6107)
Dancing Arrows is a voluntary organization open to any interested Ursuline student. The purpose of this organization is to create opportunity for members to become involved through teamwork and collaboration at campus events. The Dancing Arrows practice weekly and perform at specific events. For more information, visit ursuline.edu/dance.

Drama Workshop
Advisor: Jenny Dunegan (x8111)
The Drama Club is responsible for bringing all aspects of theatre to Ursuline College through trips, workshops and retreats. The Drama Club also puts on a play every spring for the entire campus in the Mullen Little Theatre.

Fashion Focus
Advisor: Dr. Connie Korosec (x8142)
Membership is open to all students who have an interest in fashion and the fashion world. Members hosted a variety of speakers from industry and participate in a number of field experiences in retailing. Each year the group creates special projects to participate in and thus, increase their experience in the world of fashion for their resumes.

Green Organize in Action (GOIA)
Advisors: Professor Jenise Snyder (x8161)
Green Organize in Action strives to spark communication, collaboration and interaction through sustainability projects. The GOIA accomplishes these goals by promoting an environmentally, friendly mindset within the Ursuline community. Membership is open to any Ursuline student or Ursuline community member. Pay membership fee is required.

Advisor: Sr. Cynita Glavac (x8152)
Ursuline’s fine arts annual is published every spring. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute fiction, poetry, plays, autobiographical sketches, essays, reviews, photography and artwork by December 1 of every academic year. INSCAPE has earned a First Place with Special Merit Award from the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) for the years 1997 through 2003.

Programming Board (PB)
Advisors: Director of Student Activities, Tiffany Wallace (x8325) & Student Activities Assistant, Toni Samuels (x6122)
The purpose of the Programming Board is to promote unity among UC students and create an exciting campus environment by providing all inclusive entertaining activities. For Students. By Students.

Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA)
Advisor: Laura Hammel (x8141)
The purpose of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professional public relations practitioners. The student society aims to foster the following: an understanding of current theories and procedures of the profession, appreciation of the highest ethical ideals and principles, awareness of an appropriate professional attitude and appreciation of Associate Membership in PRSSA and eventually accredited membership.

Residence Hall Council (RHC)
Advisor: Gina DeMart-Kraus (x8334)
All residents are members of Residence Hall Council. The purpose of Residence Hall Council is (1) to build community among the residents living in all College residence halls, (2) build unity among the sub communities that develop among students, (3) and encourage residents to take responsibility for their College experience and personal success at Ursuline College.

Sister Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic Change
Advisor: Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot (x6092)
The Sr. Dorothy Kazel Club for Systemic Change aims to keep the memory of Sr. Dorothy Kazel alive because her life continues to be a force that inspires and moves us to action. We plan to keep her legacy active by acting on issues relevant to today's world, especially focusing on those marginalized in society. With this we would like to work toward systemic change. Our goal is to educate ourselves and the community through prayer, advocacy and mediation work, letter writing to our Representatives, dialogue, and strategic collaboration. We choose to help these people because we believe we have the power to make a difference just as Sr. Dorothy Kazel has made a difference.

Social Work Organization
Advisor: Sharon Wilson (x8374)
This organization would like to engage social work majors (and other interested students) in the following: 1) organized community service projects; 2) social gatherings to build relationships; 3) informational seminars related to the social work profession and 4) College wide community projects or information sharing programs.

Student Arts Organization for Peace and Justice
Advisor: Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot (x6092)
The Student Arts Organization acts regarding matters that revolve around the College Mission Statement. It responds to justice issues and to those who are voiceless and need the arts to give voice. It acts according to the needs of the people in the group and to the needs of the society and community around us.

Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (SETA)
Advisor: George Matejka (x8393)
Student for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seeks to advocate for the ethical treatment of animals. This group is open to all Ursuline College students, faculty and staff interested in promoting the goals of the organization.

Student Government Association (SGA)
Advisor: Director of Student Activities, Tiffany Wallace (x8325)
All students are members of SGA. SGA officers, senior, junior and sophomore representatives, and nontraditional representatives are elected each Spring. Freshman class representatives are elected each Fall. Traditional events planned by SGA include a Halloween Haunted Ursuline, fall formal, mixers, student forums and a casino night. The purpose of the Student Government Association is (1) to promote an atmosphere in which each student can most readily achieve her/his own highest level of spiritual, intellectual, and social performance; (2) to foster among students an intelligent understanding of their duties and obligations, rights and privileges as members of the student community; (3) to develop initiative and responsibility and independence; (4) to provide an opportunity for students to voice their opinions and suggestions in matters of general college life; (5) to promote intercollegiate collaboration.

Student Historic Preservation Association (SHPA)
Advisor: Bari Stith (x8135)
The purpose of Student Historic Preservation Association is providing prospective preservationists an understanding of the profession, to provide for a united student voice in matters affecting their profession, to influence the conditions under which prospective preservationists are prepared, to advance the interests and welfare of students preparing for a career in historic preservation, to stimulate the highest ideal of professional ethics, standards and attitudes.

Student Nurses of Ursuline College (SNUC)
Advisors: Leah Grill (x8171) and Kate Sewell (x8165)
The purpose of SNUC is to aid in the development of the individual student and urge students of nursing as future health professionals, to be aware of and contribute to improving the health care of all people. SNUC is a unified organization of nurses on the forefront of community change. The organization is comprised of intelligent, compassionate and action-oriented students who are committed to promoting SNUC’s mission. Each student will receive challenging learning experiences and enjoyable relationships founded upon our shared values.

Advisors: Lita YU (x6121) and Mark Kyle (x3838)
The Students of Science (SOS) organization provides for the particular needs of students seeking careers in the science and health care fields. The group provides a forum for obtaining information regarding admissions to professional and graduate schools as well as opportunities to explore other careers in science and medicine. There are opportunities to participate in field trips, fundraisers, and speakers that come and talk on topics related to the science and health care communities of today. This group seeks to help students move from undergraduate studies to higher educational goals and professional careers.

Diversity Board
Advisor: Dr. Kristie Williams (x6085)
Diversity Board is an organization that focuses on maintaining diversity by means of educating within a college environment and supporting community service.

Up 'Til Dawn
Advisor: Joann Piotrkowski (x8327)
Up 'Til Dawn is a student led, student run fundraising program. Under the leadership of a campus executive board, student teams participate in a variety of fundraising activities while also learning more about St. Jude patients and the mission of the hospital. Membership is open to all Ursuline College students. *Awaiting COSO approval.

Advisor: Jennifer Schwartz-Wright (x7030)
Voice: to inform, educate, and attract people to the field of art therapy
Values: helping the community explore their personal values
Vision: giving the community an outlet through art expression.

Women's Circle
Advisor: Amy Lechko (x8336)
The purpose of Women's Circle is to:
  • Provide resources and support to empower women to make healthy and positive choices for themselves.
  • Provide opportunities for woman to meet those who enjoy discussing issues related to feminism, gender roles, empowerment, and equality through special speakers, films and monthly meetings. 
  • Provide opportunities for participation in community service connected with helping young woman develop positive self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Educate, inspire, and enlighten women who attend Women’s Circle about feminist issues such as underrepresentation in the United States government, discrimination in the work force, how women are portrayed in the media, and lack of opportunities for women in other countries