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FOCUS: for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

About the Program

Ursuline College is committed to helping students with learning disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) succeed in their courses and become independent learners. To help these students achieve success, the College has developed the FOCUS Program, a voluntary, comprehensive, fee-paid program for students with learning disabilities and ADHD. The FOCUS Program is aimed at providing a smooth transition into college life, helping students learn to apply the most appropriate learning strategies in college courses and teaching students self-advocacy skills, all through intensive one-on-one coaching with a disability specialist.

The FOCUS Program is offered in stages to better meet the needs of students.

To learn more about each stage, click here.


How do I apply to be a member of the FOCUS program?

To be eligible for the FOCUS program, students must first meet the admissions requirements of Ursuline College and be accepted to Ursuline College. Once admitted to Ursuline College, students should contact the Disability Specialist to apply. Upon meeting with the Disability Specialist, students will present up to date documentation of the diagnosed disability and possible treatment. Providing the Disability Specialist with a doctor's prescription pad note is not sufficient documentation in and of itself, but it can be included with other documentation as pat of a more comprehensive evaluation report. If you are unsure of what documentation is considered appropriate, please contact the Disability Specialist.  

Do I have to pay a fee for basic accommodations and auxiliary aids?
No. Basic accommodations and auxiliary aids are granted to all students with documented disabilities that register with the URSA office. Students are entitled to receive certain basic accommodations at no additional cost. Accommodation needs are determined by documentation provided and meeting with the disability specialist. To learn more about basic accommodations provided, click here.

Do FOCUS students take the same classes that other students take?
Yes, students enrolled in the FOCUS program must take the same classes and meet the same expectations as any other student at Ursuline College.

What if I haven’t been diagnosed with a learning disability but still think I need to be in FOCUS?

Only students with documented disabilities can be accepted into the program. However, students who believe they may have a disability could be evaluated to determine if they have a disability. If a student is unsure how to be evaluated, they may contact the Disability Specialist who can provide the student with local testing center information.

Why are there multiple stages in FOCUS?

The FOCUS program is structured to meet the individual student’s needs. During the freshman year, students are enrolled in phase I which provides intense weekly coaching and mentoring with the disability specialist. Once students feel comfortable, they can choose to enroll in phase II which is offered at a reduced cost and reduced meetings with the disability specialist. To learn more about the stages, click here.

For more information on the FOCUS Program, you can contact Morgan Weber, M.A., Disability Specialist, at morgan.weber@ursuline.edu or 440-449-2046.