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Classes for Academic Success

Ursuline College offers specially designed classes to help you succeed in reaching your professional and personal goals - regardless of your past experience in the traditional classroom environment. These classes encourage you to take advantage of special services that will help you achieve success in the classroom, in the workplace, and beyond.

Are these classes right for me?
If you did not take college prep courses in high school or score well on the ACT or SAT, or if you have been away from the classroom for a number of years, it may be beneficial for you to strengthen some of your basic academic skills.  Key areas of focus include math, science, reading, writing and study skills.

What classes are offered?

EN 103
MAT 100

SC 099 Introduction to Physical Science

SC 100L Introduction to Physical Science Lab


Will I be required to participate in these classes? 
Participation in these classes is required according to the policies below.

EN 103
High school seniors who have a composite ACT score lower than 20 (and/or lower than 18 in English and Reading, and/or lower than 8 in Writing) are required to take placement tests in Reading and Writing after they are admitted to the college.

High school seniors who have a composite SAT score lower than 1410 (with less than 470 in Math, Critical Reading, and Writing) are required to take placement tests in Reading and Writing after they are admitted to the college.

Transfer students are required to take placement tests in Reading and Writing if they have not completed any transferable college credits (grade of C or higher) in College Composition/Writing.

The students who are required to take the placement tests are required to enroll in the appropriate class if their placement tests scores indicate need.  Other factors that may be taken into consideration in requiring these classes are the following:

Missing college prep classes in high school

High school or college GPA below 2.5

Personal experience:  strengths and weaknesses

MAT 100

High school seniors with an ACT score lower than 20 in Mathematics and/or an SAT score lower than 380 are required to take MAT 100

Transfer students who have not completed any college credits (grade of C or higher) in math that is equivalent to MAT 100 or higher are required to take a placement test in math. They are placed in a math class based on the results.

SC 099/SC 100L

High school seniors and transfer students who are required to take any of these classes described above are then evaluated for placement in SC 099/SC100L based on their placement test scores and previous performance in high school or college science classes.

Will I earn credit for these classes?

You will earn credit for EN 103, MAT 100 and SC 100L; these credits are elective credits and can be used toward your graduation requirement of 128 credits.  Credits for SC 099 do not fulfill credit requirements for graduation. 

Will I be able to complete my degree in 4 years if I am required to participate in these classes?

Depending on your major, you may be able to complete your degree in four years by going full-time and taking classes in the summer or accelerating your academic program as an upperclassman. Nursing majors need three years to complete their nursing classes after they complete nursing pre-reqs, so these additional classes usually result in needing five years to graduate with a BSN degree.