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Sister Diana @uc_pres   "Prayer is an expression of who we are.... We are a living incompleteness. We are a gap, an emptiness that calls for fulfillment." Pray!
Meet Our Staff

Director of Ursuline Resources for Success in Academics
440 646 8123
Eileen Delaney Kohut, M.A., M.Ed.,
Hometown: Cleveland and now Willoughby, Ohio
Education: Ursuline College; Master of Arts: Cleveland State University in English; M.Ed.:Ursuline College (Educational Administration)
Hobbies: Reading, Walking, Theater, Water sports, Albert (the dog)   
Why I chose this field: Without education (and all its underpinnings), there are no other fields.

Associate Director of Ursuline Resources for Success in Academics
440 684 6018
 Sr. Virginia DeVinne
Hometown: Cleveland
Education: BA – Ursuline College; MA – John Carroll University
Hobbies: Yoga, reading, walking
Why I chose this field: I enjoy working with students and believe that a college degree is a key to future success in life.

Adminstrative Assistant and Testing Coordinator
440 449 2049
Jill Carroll
Hometown: Cleveland Heights
Education: Graduate of Regina High School, various continuing education classes 
Hobbies: Reading, Crocheting, Traveling as much as possible and spending time with my family
Why I chose this field: Actually, I think the field chose me.  I’ve worked with students and young people for many years.  I taught religious education at Saint Clare parish for 16 years.  Working with students with learning differences there has helped me at Ursuline and vice versa. I love working with the students. I love advocating for them, knowing they are as capable as every other student and helping them, even if only in a small way, to be successful.

Disabilities Specialist
440 449 2046
Dr. Rachel H. Meyer
Hometown: University Heights, Ohio
Education: Ph.D.: Temple University; M.A.: John Carroll University; B.A.; University of Denver
Hobbies: Playing with my loveable dog; going for long walks/hikes; yoga; hanging out with family and friends
Why I chose this field: I believe that everyone, regardless of any learning difference, has the ability to be successful. 

Disability Assistant
440 684 6080
Morgan E. Weber
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
M.A.: Slippery Rock University; B.S.: Pennsylvania State University
Yoga, reading, time with friends and family, and traveling.
Why I chose this field:
To support and empower students so they have the best college experience possible.


   Advisor/Faculty Ursuline Resources for Success in Academics
    440 646 8398
   Name: Dr. Mary Jo Cherry
   Hometown: DuBois, PA
   Education: BS--Villa Maria College; MEd--University of Maryland ;PhD--Kent State University
   Hobbies: Reading, baking
   Why I chose this field: I love working with students and journeying with them as they reach
 for their goals

Therapy Dog
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Trainer/Owner/Mom: Dr. Rachel H. Meyer, Disability Specialist at Ursuline College
Education: Therapy, Shawn Reed Training, 2013 
Hobbies: Walking and hiking in the neighborhood, playing with my toys and other dogs, going for car rides, and of course, cuddling.
Why I chose this field: I enjoy making others feel good by helping them to relax.