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Ursuline Resources for Success in Academics provides free professional tutorial assistance in biology, chemistry, math, reading comprehension, writing, note taking, test taking and time management.

One-on-one tutoring sessions as well as small group reviews are offered. Students may sign-up for tutoring on the sign-up sheets posted inside the URSA's Academic Support Center, Mullen 312 or contact the tutors directly listed below.

Writing Specialist
Eileen Turoff (Monday and Thursday 1:00-6:30 in URSA)
Online help on Mondays 1:00-6:30
Email eturoff@ursuline.edu  or Thursday appointment sign up in MU 312.

Writing Tutoring

Nursing/Nursing Math Tutor
Sandra Mastrodonato
Email smastrodonato@ursuline.edu to schedule an appointment.

International Nursing Students
Ariol Tafa
Email  atafa@ursuline.edu

Junior and Senior Level Nursing Math
Sr. Pat McCaffrey
Sign up on the sheet outside Mullen 336 or email pmccaffrey@ursuline.edu to make an appointment.

Math 100,  125  Sophomore Nursing Math
JoAnn Spellacy
Call 440 449 3261 or email jspellacy@ursuline.edu to make an appointment.

Math 100, MAT 125, MAT 131
Sr. Martha Mooney
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday after 4 and Fridays 1-5; weekends
Email mmooney@ursulinesisters.org 

Math 131 
Mary (Ali) Mowery
Email mmowrey@ursuline.edu

Shira Chavin
Email schavin@ursuline.edu

Math, Nursing Math, Chemistry, Physics Tutoring
Constanta Petcu
Email cpetcu@ursuline.edu to make an appointment.

Math (Upper Levels) Tutoring
Dr. Fred Gass
Email fgass@ursuline.edu to make an appointment.

Anatomy and Physiology-- BI 214/215
Shira Chavin 
Email schavin@ursuline.edu

Bravina Trovato (Also BI 200--Intro to Biology
Email btrovato@ursuline.edu
BI 120--Human Genetics
Breana Cervantes (Also BI 200--Intro to Biology)
Email Breana.cervantes@ursuline.edu

Microbiology --BI 232
Melissa Kalinowski
Email   Melissa.kalinowski@ursuline.edu

Microbiology--BI 232 and Anatomy and Physiology--BI 214/BI 215
Shira Chavin
Email  schavin@ursuline.edu

Statistics -MAT 212
Grace Savage
Email grace.savage@ursuline.edu 

Psychology Tutoring
Jessica Cusimano
Email  jessica.cusimano@ursuline.edu

Sociology and Social Work Tutoring
Carlton Grover
Email cgrover@ursuline.edu to make an appointment.

Computers are available in Mullen 312.