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Ursuline Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Ursuline Mission

Ursuline College offers holistic education that transforms students for service, leadership and professional excellence by providing undergraduate and graduate programs that foster lifelong learning and personal wisdom in an environment characterized by:
  • Catholic and Ursuline heritage
  • Women-centered learning
  • Values-based curricula
  • Inclusive, global perspective

Ursuline Vision

A premier Catholic institution of higher learning that provides transformative experiences and inspires greatness in our graduates.

Ursuline Philosophy

Ursuline College helps students to achieve their educational and career goals by emphasizing the whole person and providing personalized attention within a liberal arts higher educational environment. While welcoming persons of all faiths, the College is Catholic in its origins, identity, and environment. Instruction and services are based on the dignity of the human person in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching.

In the liberal arts tradition, an Ursuline education emphasizes critical thinking; clear and graceful expression; free, mature judgment and choice; and commitment to continued learning. In addition, faithful to the contemplative heritage of the Ursuline congregation, we perceive contemplation and reflection as integral factors in our search for wisdom. Thus, a distinctly Ursuline education emphasizes a strong foundation in the arts and sciences, fosters the student professor dialectic with its corollary of shared responsibility, respects the learning needs of the individual student, and recognizes the interrelatedness of spiritual vitality and service to the larger community.

Acknowledging that the liberal arts are life arts, we help students search for wisdom within the context of theology and philosophy, the fine arts and humanities, and the natural and social sciences. Our career programs build upon this broad foundation to prepare students to serve the community and their professions with distinction and integrity.

The primary focus of the institution is on the academic preparation of students through an emphasis on excellence in teaching and on scholarship that supports teaching. The College seeks for its faculty women and men who are professionally competent, who are committed to developing a learning community, and who can contribute to its distinctively Ursuline character. As a corollary of our emphasis on shared responsibility, the College seeks to foster a climate of collegiality in which all members have opportunity to influence and to participate in decision-making.

Today we serve students who reflect a wide range of ages, of economic, social and academic backgrounds, and of religions. We make a special effort to assess and meet the needs of our diverse clientele by providing flexible scheduling and a variety of approaches to learning. Ursuline College also serves the local community by offering programs and facilities for social, cultural, and spiritual enrichment.

In all of our services we strive for the integration of the intellectual, aesthetic, social, psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions of life – the heart of any endeavor to initiate and sustain a search for wisdom. Our mission then is to further this life of wisdom in contemporary society and thus contribute to the building up in history of the Reign of God.

At Our Core

Our Purpose

To help our students succeed in life.

Our Core Values

Student Focus
  • Demonstrate that students are our priority
  • Support student learning
  • Measure our success by the success of each student
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their own education and future
  • Balance action with contemplation
  • Develop awareness of spirituality, faith and religion
  • Increase awareness and clarity about personal and professional values
  • Leave the world a better place
  • Demonstrate dignity and respect for everyone
  • Value, trust and help each other
  • Strive for justice and fairness in all relationships
  • Recognize and acknowledge achievement on every level
  • Involve others to multiply effectiveness
  • Achieve goals through productive cooperation in the College and world community
  • Appreciate synergy that comes with involvement from multiple perspectives
  • Model collaboration in all of our activities and endeavors

Core Curriculum

Women's Ways of Knowing: Epistemological Development Goals
  • Silent
  • Received
  • Subjective
  • Procedural
  • Constructed

Core Competencies

  • To communicate effectively
  • To interact socially
  • To analyze and synthesize
  • To solve problems
  • To respond to beauty
  • To make decisions based on values
  • To take responsibility for society