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Ursuline Athletics @Ursulinearrows   37 @UrsulineCampus student-athletes receive Great Midwest Academic honors: http://ursulinearrows.com/news/2017/6/30/general-37-arrow-student-athletes-receive-great-midwest-all-academic-honors.aspx

We care tremendously about your integrity.

At Catholic college like Ursuline, students participate in more community service than those at other types of institutions making graduates more likely to report developing skills for ethical decision-making. Ursuline's commitment to helping students define their
values is paramount; Arrows earn free credit for community service, participate in annual volunteer day, and give back through campus organizations like Up 'Til Dawn and the Sister Dorothy Kazel Club for Systematic Change. While less than 50% of Ursuline students identify as Catholic, all students are encouraged to contemplate their own spirituality, promote social justice, and speak up for others who are not empowered to speak for themselves. Employers increasingly define "integrity" as one of the top qualities sought in new hires. An Ursuline education develops it. 

Ursuline Focuses on Women.

You'll experience all the benefits of a women's college environment, but have a few men in your classes as well. At Ursuline, everything we do is shaped by the needs of women. Our classes are taught in the the ways that women learn best - via collaborative discussion, small group dialogue, and hands-on-learning. You'll become part of a sisterhood with students who support and encourage you, listen to and inspire you. You'll instantly be connected to alumnae and faculty who are just as eager to help you succeed and lead. Ursuline is a safe place to express yourself, become more confident, and risk new things in an environment that encourages you to find your

Here are some reasons why graduates view Ursuline's focus on women as one of the most important aspects of their education, and why it leads to better outcomes:

  • Graduates of women's colleges make up 20% of Congresswomen and 30% of Business Week’s recent list of Rising Women Stars in Corporate America. Women's College students are leveling the leadership playing field.
  • Ursuline's faculty is 80% women. Nationwide, most college/university faculties are just the opposite - about 80% men. Your mentors and role models will be accomplished women who have risen to the tops of their fields. 

  • Grads of women's colleges are more likely to stay involved with their alma maters through lifelong friendships, volunteering, and campus involvement. 

  • A strong majority of women's college grads go on to graduate school and are more likely to launch careers in male dominated STEM disciplines.

  • 9/10 graduates of women's colleges credit their college experience with fostering self-esteem and confidence.

You won't just train for one job. You'll be educated for a lifetime.

The value of the liberal arts college has come under scrutiny lately, yet liberal arts college grads are the best prepared for a competitive job market. Ursuline's core curriculum, the Ursuline Studies Program, systematically builds the top skills employers seek: the ability to write well, speak well, and listen; to research, think critically, analyze and synthesize information, solve problems; to demonstrate technical literacy, flexibility, leadership, multicultural sensitivity; to think creatively and work in teams. Ursuline graduates are 3 times more likely than the national average to have a job at the time of graduation as a result of this foundation, and a recent study found that graduates of liberal arts colleges actually earn more over the course of a working career. Your broad perspective will inform your vision for a successful and meaningful future.