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Our biology department offers variety of opportunities for all interests. Students may select from the following tracks within in the biology major.

Biology Track

The biology track prepares students for further study either in biological sciences or in a variety of professional schools. Students generally enter graduate school or professional school either directly after receiving their B.A. or after a year or two of work in the field. Areas of graduate study include molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry, pathology, plant physiology, and ecology to name a few. Professional school options consist of medical schools that grant graduates the M.D., osteopathic schools grant the D.O., podiatry schools grant the D.P.M., Other career opportunities available are post- baccalaureate programs in areas of allied health such as audiology, speech/language pathology, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and physician’s assistant.

Biotechnology Track

The Biotechnology track prepares student for careers as Biotechnologist. Biotechnologists work in a variety of disciplines including agriculture, environmental science, pharmacology, genetics and medicine. They typically work in laboratories conducting tests and experiments.

The Biotechnology program at Ursuline is a unique joint program with Lakeland Community College. It is based on a 3:1 model that allows students to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology during three years of study at Ursuline. Then the student completes one year of courses for the bioscience technology certificate from Lakeland Community College.

Life Science Track

The life science track offer students majoring in biology more autonomy in selecting their undergraduate course of study. This flexibility allows students to take a focused approach to their studies. This track also accommodates the student wishing to pursue two majors, such as biology and education, thereby enhancing career opportunities.

Hands-on Learning

The fruit fly lab provides our students with many exciting opportunities to apply what they learn in a hands-on experience. The lab gives students the chance to learn about genetics, development of a living system, and how to keep an organism alive.

Students are also given many opportunities on and off campus to learn and develop research skills. An Ursuline College biology pre-med student, Sharita Hill with the support of her Ursuline faculty was able to secure a summer internship at Case Western Reserve University. She spent the summer conducting research with a group of doctors dedicated to introducing advancements in the effort to fight HIV and AIDS.

Due to experiences and accomplishments like this one along with her Ursuline education Sharita was awarded the 2014 Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship.