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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is as much about the future as it is the past. Ursuline's Historic Preservation program prepares tomorrow's leaders to make sustainable and unique contributions to their world by preserving cultural memory and its lessons. At Ursuline, Historic Preservation is a commitment as well as a discipline and a profession. 

Historic Preservation is one of the fastest growing fields within Public History and Applied History today.

Historic Preservationists contribute to the preservation of cultural memory through a wide variety of professional opportunities in:

National Park Service

Local government planning and landmark commissions Historic sites and parks

Heritage corridors

Preservation and conservation organizations Architectural and design firms

Revitalization projects

Environmental consulting agencies


And more

Graduates in historic preservation

Become leaders in preserving cultural memory

Integrate the Ursuline Mission with emphasis on values and social responsibility as they make unique contributions to their world

Communicate effectively in the language of the discipline and deliver presentations to build awareness of preservation issues

Coordinate preservation initiatives

Accurately document buildings and historic sites

Write successful nominations for the National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Landmarks, National Heritage Areas and Ohio Historic Markers

Survey and appraise cultural resources for government and community agencies

Prepare plans for adaptive reuse and rehabilitation

Demonstrate the economic advantages of rehabilitation and adaptive reuse

Dialogue with community and government leaders to champion a sustainable society

Consult for architectural, engineering, environmental, interior design, government and other cultural resource organizations

Advocate the protection of vulnerable properties from demolition

Participate in preservation legal cases

Write successful grant applications

Ursuline’s Unique Approach

Ursuline offers the only Historic Preservation program in Ohio.

Faculty members are engaged professionals with specialized skills who actively involve you in projects outside as well as inside the classroom. You’ll focus on your personal interests and build a professional portfolio of real-world preservation work.

Ursuline’s unique location allows easy access to cityscape, ethnic neighborhoods, rural villages, and Amish farmsteads, all actively used as learning laboratories.

Ursuline is recognized by the National Council for Preservation Education for the strength of our curriculum.

Our approach to study considers the intellectual and emotional connection to the natural and built environment through the lenses of:

  • Personal experience in exploring issues of historic significance.
  • Majority and minority perspectives, groups that have been silent as well as those that are vocal, and the role gender plays in perception of place.
  • Interdisciplinary study in the liberal arts tradition. 

The Bridge program is a 5-Year Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Historic Preservation.

Undergraduate students majoring in Historic Preservation may apply to the bridge program in their junior year and will be accepted if they meet the criteria for admission to the School of Graduate Studies. These students will take 18 credit hours of graduate courses as part of their undergraduate degree and in so doing will be fast-tracked to the masters degree.  Only 9 additional credit hours of Foundation courses and 15 credit hours of Capstone courses will be required to complete the Masters degree.

Students may also double major/minor.  Art History and History are the two most popular doubles although many others, such as Business, also make sense.