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Ursuline College @Ursulinecampus   Ursuline is one of the top 6 colleges in Ohio, according to @AdvisoryHQNews. bit.ly/2uYSIDH #ursulinecollege

Getting involved with everything Ursuline has to offer means you'll find your voice and explore your passions, and make some lifelong friends along the way. You'll lead student groups, and have the opportunity to start new ones. You'll contribute to teams, play sports, or cheer for your friends from the sidelines. You'll be mentored and become a mentor. You’ll develop leadership skills through jobs, memberships, and volunteering that will set you apart. You'll get involved in the city around you and the professional network of the career you've chosen. You'll use your voice to speak up for others who are not empowered to use their own. You'll travel, explore, and improve to the world around you. Doing all these things is a vital part of being a student at Ursuline, and paves the way for you to define your own values, voice, and vision.