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Alumnae Perks

14 Perks & Pointers for Ursuline College Graduates & Alumnae

As a graduate it can be difficult to understand what perks you receive as an alumna. We have come up with a list that is easy to use and access the many opportunities!

  1. FREE lifelong access to the Office of Counseling & Career Services. Alumnae have all the advantages current students have.
  2. As an alumna you can now join our UC Alumnae Facebook and LinkedIn pages to network with fellow alumnae.
  3. Read your monthly UrsulinENews to learn about upcoming events.
  4. As an alumna, you automatically receive Voices: Ursuline College Magazine.
  5. Stay connected by attending a UC event in your area. We have many event opportunities in Cleveland, but also at our Alumnae Chapters.
  6. Nominate a fellow alumna for a college award.
  7. Make an annual gift to the College.
  8. When you have the opportunity to talk about your alma mater, remember to say "Ursuline College" three times (this is Sr. Diana Stano's favorite pointer to give to alumnae).
  9. Assist in student recruitment for the college. Encourage a friend to attend Ursuline College.
  10. Send us your business information and accomplishments. We won't send mail to your workplace, but it helps us plan career-focused events for you.  You can also hire students as interns at your place of work or suggest a UC graduate for a job in your business.
  11. Hang your Ursuline College diploma in your office or workstation.
  12. Wear official UC gear and put a decal on your car.  All alumnae of the College recieve a 10% discount at the College Bookstore.
  13. All alumnae are able to check out a limited number of books from the Ralph M. Besse Library.  Just stop by the Library for an alumnae borrowing card.  For more information call 440-449-4202. 
  14. Be sure we have your updated contact information, this is the best way for us to always be in contact with you.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact the Alumnae Office at alumnae@ursuline.edu or 440 646 8375.  We hope to see or hear from you soon!

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