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Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at Ursuline College! Three words capture the essence of Ursuline College: Values. Voice. Vision. As a Catholic institution we strive to live the gospel values, and while students do not have to be Catholic, we encourage our students to clarify their values and encourage them to stewardship—to make the world a better place than what they found it. We ask students to use their voice to express themselves and to speak on behalf of others who do not have a voice. Our vision is that each one of us helps to create a future where every person is valued and treated with dignity and respect, and everyone has opportunities to grow, to develop and to be recognized as worthwhile members of society.

Here at Ursuline, we recognize that college is more than just tests, research papers and group presentations. A big part of the college experience happens outside the classroom—experiences in living together in community (and sometimes, not harmoniously!), in the residence halls, hanging out in Pilla, late night runs to Starbucks, Little Sibs Weekend, Family Fall Fest, cheering on our Ursuline Arrows athletic teams and making those friends that will last a lifetime.

The staff in Student Affairs is here to help you succeed. Many of you have family, friends and church who you utilize as your support systems. We want to be a part of your support system. I want to share with you results from a study done at Harvard that looked into what can help make a student more successful in college (never mind that it is Harvard, it has been duplicated at other colleges and universities also!): 
  1. Connect with one person on the campus who you feel you could go to with questions or help. It can be a faculty member, your coach, a staff member—but reach out to someone.
  2. Study in groups. The process of helping someone else learn the materials will also help YOU learn the materials.
  3. Become involved in something on campus. It could be an athletic team, a student organization, a college committee, helping with the annual Phone-a-thon (they feed you well!)—find one thing to participate in.
These things will help you feel more connected to the college and will provide additional support.

I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you and to experience Ursuline College in the fullest. If I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I leave you with words from our Foundress, St. Angela Merici:
Do something
Get moving
Be confident
Risk new things
Stick with it
Get on your knees
Then be ready for
Big Surprises!

Deanne W. Hurley
Vice President for Student Affairs
Mullen 206
440 646 8320