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Hannah Barucky found her voice at Ursuline

December 08, 2016

With a little more than a year left in finishing her degree, Hannah Barucky feels transferring to Ursuline was the best decision she has made. 

Coming from a big state school, Ursuline felt like home to Hannah from the moment she walked on campus. "When I met with Doctor Korosec and visited the
Fashion Department, I knew I was in the right place," said Barucky. "Even from just one tour and talking to an admissions counselor, I already felt at home here and like I could get the education I need to chase the type of career I want."

According to Barucky, the transfer process was made "VERY easy" for her! Since she had transferred before, (from Tri-C to Kent), she knew what to expect, but the transfer process seemed even more thorough than she had anticipated.

Barucky says that what she loves most about attending Ursuline is the Fashion Department. "The College's Fashion program has helped me stretch my skills quite a bit and has given me opportunities to not only learn new things, but participate in leadership programs and out-of-class fashion experiences that I would not have the chance to be a part of if I attended another school," said Barucky who also added that "not only am I learning a lot in my field, but Ursuline has helped me find my voice and be a leader."

At Ursuline, we believe what matters most is not where you began, but where you can go. Students transfer to Ursuline for many reasons from many different places, but they all find the same thing when they get here: a caring, collaborative environment where they can thrive. 

To learn more about how you can make your vision a reality, click here. Ursuline is still accepting
applications for Spring. Begin your transfer process today!

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