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First-Year Parents

A Big Congratulations on Your Student’s Acceptance to Ursuline College!

It is our pleasure to welcome you and your family into the Ursuline community. You have nurtured and raised a bright, caring, and capable young adult whom we are proud to call an Ursuline College student! Our goal is to help ease the transition for you and your student as you prepare for their upcoming Ursuline experience.

Transitioning from high school to college can be exciting, overwhelming, and a mix of other emotions. Parents and families can help facilitate this transition by being supportive and understanding of the array of emotions that their student may be feeling during this time. Whether your student is commuting to college or is living in the residence halls, staying engaged and communication is paramount to his or her success. 

Please explore the links for more details and contact 440-449-4200 with any questions.

1. A roommate questionnaire and housing information will be sent out within the next few months. Specific dates to be determined.

After your students submits their deposit, you will be contacted by our Ursuline Resources for Success in Academics (URSA) Office to register for an Academic Orientation over the summer. At your Academic Orientation students will register for classes, receive their student ID and sign up for Fall Orientation.

3. Share your student's new mailing address with family and friends so they may mail encouraging notes and packages during the first semester. The address: Your Student's Name, Ursuline College, the residence hall name and room #, 2550 Lander Road, Pepper Pike 44124.

Review information on Orientation

5. Plan on attending Ursuline's Family Fun Festival (specific dates to be determined soon).

6. Talk to your student about responsible choices such as peer pressure, making friends, time management, healthy relationships, alcohol use, plagiarism, healthy eating, and honesty.

7. Develop a budget with your student.

8. Encourage your student to get involved on campus, utilize campus resources, and find at least one mentor on campus. You will hear more about this at Orientation, but research shows this involvement leads to higher GPAs!

9. Establish a regular communication schedule. 
Here are a few questions to ask students during the first few weeks of school to engage them in conversation and learn what kind of support they need.

10. Review our
tips for parenting a first year student.

Questions to ask in August/September:
1. Can you name three friends you have made at Ursuline?

2. What classes/instructors do you like/dislike at this point? Why?

3. How are you staying organized? Planner? Calendar on your computer or phone?

4. Do you know who your academic advisor is? If not, do you know where to find that information?

5. What 'Welcome Week' activities did you attend? What was your favorite?

6. Have you visited your professors during their office hours?

7. What is the biggest difference you've noticed between high school and college?

8. Do you know the deadline date for withdrawing from a class?

9. Do you need a tutor for any of your classes? Have you visited URSA?

10. Are you making an effort to get involved on campus?

11. Are you checking your Ursuline email and responding in an appropriate time-frame?

Questions to ask in October:

1. How did your mid-term exams go?

2. Have you talked to your instructors one-on-one during their office hours?

3. What are some of the college’s resources you’ve used and found helpful?

4. Are you managing your money wisely?

5. (Mid-late Oct.) When is your appointment with your advisor to plan your next semester?

Questions to ask in November:

1. How did your advising appointment go?

2. Do you have any holds on your enrollment? (Admission, Bursar, Advising) If so, what action have you taken to have them removed?

3. When do you register for Spring classes?

4. What are your thoughts about your major?

5. What are your grades in each of your classes before your leave for Thanksgiving? There is just about two weeks of classes left after you return from Thanksgiving break.

6. What projects will be due upon your return from Thanksgiving?

Questions to ask in December:

1. What have you enrolled in next semester?

2. Were there any complications enrolling in any of your courses?

3. How many credit hours will you be taking?

4. When is your last final exam during finals week?

5. Will you be attending Ursuline’s ‘Late-Night-Breakfast’ during finals week?

6. Looking back, what were some highlights of the semester?

7. What are you hungry for when you come home for break?

Additional Questions for Spring Semester:

1. Have you visited career services?

2. Have you discussed your career goals with your advisor?

3. Do you have a mentor on campus?

4. Do you feel like you’re making the most of your college experience? Do you feel that you’ve grown academically, socially, and personally?

5. (If student is working) How are your handling balancing work and classes/homework?

6. What have you done lately to de-stress or have fun?

7. Have you explored any student groups, volunteer or leadership opportunities?

8. Do you feel that you are gaining life skills that will benefit you later in life? If not, what can you do to make this happen?