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Faculty Perspectives

Faculty members bring a wealth of information based on their education, experience, and communication skills. They come from the business and professional community and integrate real world experience in the classroom.

What our faculty are saying

"My most rewarding experience since I started teaching in UCAP is meeting former students at the common pleas court, applying what I have taught them - in real life and for pay! I try to create an environment where students of all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable discussing and learning by understanding the professional/application level, both in what I teach and in being honest about the frustrations and inefficiencies they will encounter in our court system. I hope that my students take away from their experience in the classroom the ability to get a job and earn a living in the area in which I have provided instruction."
Jonathan Sobel, J.D., Esq., Kabat, Mielziner & Sobel
Faculty, Probate Law

"Being a math teacher, I realize many students do not count math among their favorite subjects and often their ability to do mathematics. After taking my class, I hope they realize that math is not just simply the manipulation of numbers but a thinking process and a problem-solving skill that help them every day in both the workplace and their personal life. I hope they gain the confidence to question where numbers come from in research and advertising and to double check the monthly payment of their new car to make sure the salesperson has not made an error. I hope they avoid common mistakes that come with dealing with percentages and conversions. My main goal is that even if they can't say that they love math, when they leave my class, I hope they will no longer fear it!"
Donna Morlani, Master of Education in Secondary Mathematics Education
Faculty, Intermediate Algebra, Quantitative Analysis

"The most rewarding experience of working with Ursuline College Accelerated Program has been working with students who have experience from industry and enjoy sharing their perspectives in the classroom. I create an environment where students of all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable to discuss and learn by valuing the wisdom each student brings to the table. I believe UCAP is set apart from other accelerated degree programs because we can provide personal attention, small class sizes and face-to-face sessions (hybrids or traditional course settings). I believe that my students learn in class what they need, individually, to reach their goals."
Laura Hammel, Ph.D., Program Director, Public Relations & Marketing Communications
Faculty, Introduction to Public Relations, Writing for Public Relations, Creating the Campaign, Internships