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Core Values and Learning Outcomes

Student Focus
  • Demonstrate that students are our priority
  • Support student learning
  • Measure our success by the success of each student
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their own education and future
Commitment to Spirituality
  • Balance action with contemplation
  • Develop awareness of spirituality, faith, and religion
  • Increase awareness and clarity about personal and professional values
  • Leave the world a better place
Respect for the Individual
  • Demonstrate dignity and respect for everyone
  • Value, trust, and help each other
  • Strive for justice and fairness in all relationships
  • Recognize and acknowledge achievement on every level
  • Involve others to multiply effectiveness
  • Achieve goals through productive cooperation in the College and world community
  • Appreciate synergy that comes with involvement from multiple perspectives
  • Model collaboration in all of our activities and endeavors

  • Analyze and Synthesize by examining and distinguishing constituent elements (analysis) and combining parts or elements into a whole (synthesis).
  • Communicate Effectively by exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions or feelings through a common system of language, symbols, signs or gestures appropriate for everyday living.
  • Interact Socially by engaging in behavior that permits effective relationships in both one-to-one and group situations.
  • Make Decisions Based on Values by making discriminations based upon the consideration of what the individual prizes as ethical, socially worthwhile, good, beautiful, and true.
  • Respond to Beauty by integrating the cognitive and affective domains in a personal experience of the arts.
  • Solve Problems by finding a solution to a question or situation that presents uncertainty or difficulty.
  • Take Responsibility for Society by accepting the obligation to respond to unjust or oppressive social situations.

  • Collaborative learning is collegial, cooperative, connected; it takes into account issues of gender, race and class.
  • Global learning takes place in a wide variety of cultures.
  • Historical learning provides an understanding of ourselves and society in relation to the human condition over time.
  • Philosophical learning is built around values and meaning.
  • Religious learning respects the spiritual dimensions of life.
  • Scientific learning involves inquiry, posing hypotheses and systematically supporting them.