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The Ursuline College Accelerated Program was developed in 1998 to help people who worked or had family obligations, but wanted to finish their education. In the Accelerated Program, students can earn a degree or certificate in ten majors and seven certificates and take as many as nine courses (27 credits) a year, similar to a traditional student.

Courses are offered once a week - in the evenings or on Saturdays. Starting times are 6 p.m. on weekdays or 8:30 a.m. on Saturdays. Students appreciate the flexible scheduling, small classes, and our experienced professional faculty. They only take one class at a time, which helps adult students focus more effectively. Classes start nine different times a year. If a student needs time off from studies due to work or family obligations, she or he may even step out for a session.

Advantages of the Ursuline College Accelerated Program

  • Earn your undergraduate degree in half the time of other programs - as few as two years
  • Studies are career-focused with a liberal arts education
  • Sessions start nine different times throughout the year - enroll any time
  • Take only one course at a time for five weeks, and attend class only once per week
  • Learn from highly-regarded Ursuline faculty
  • Personalized attention from staff
  • Competitive tuition with financial assistance and deferred payment options
  • Hassle-free admission process
  • Earn credit for life experience
  • Partnerships with local community colleges

What students are saying

"The program not only helped me to develop my writing skills and knowledge of the law, but I also was able to make contacts in the field that ultimately led to my job."
- A. Gagich, Legal Studies Program Graduate

"My previous experience was at a community college and those classes were quite large. I didn't realize what I was missing until I came to Ursuline! There is truly a team atmosphere and great networking opportunities. My writing has greatly improved, too. I think there is a great unfounded fear of going back to college, and I have convinced many friends and colleagues to return. I tell them to start slowly, but start!"
- D. Cipriani, Business Management Program