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Sign-Up for the Ursuline College Volunteer Day!

First Name:

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Check all that apply:
 Board of Trustee
 Friend of the College

Volunteer locations (1-6):
*Each location only takes a certain number of volunteers, so number all the locations, so we can place you accordingly; number 1 being your first choice and number 6 being your sixth choice.

 Rescue Village, Geauga Humane Society
 Hospice of the Western Reserve
 Greater Cleveland FoodBank

As an Ursuline College Volunteer Day participant, you will receive a shirt for the day!
Please select your t-shirt size.

Transportation Options:
 Driving Yourself to the Volunteer Site
 Using Precious Cargo-from Ursuline College Campus

Volunteer Thank You Lunch (immediately following volunteer shift)
 Not Attending

How did you hear about UC Volunteer Day? (check all that apply):
 Saw a flyer
 Social Media
 Participated last year
 Door Hanger
 Word of Mouth
 Student Quad Bash

Comments, questions, special instructions:

*Thank you for registering for the Ursuline College Volunteer Day. You will receive an email one week prior to the event with your volunteer location as well as special instructions and forms to fill out. Looking forward to a wonderful day of service!