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  • Home / Academics / Find a Program / Art Therapy Bachelor’s Degree Program / Art Therapy Bachelor’s Degree Program Course Requirements | Ursuline College - Liberal Arts Education in Ohio

    Art Therapy Bachelor’s Degree Program


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    Art Therapy Bachelor’s Degree Program Course Requirements

    Art Therapy Bachelor’s Degree Program Core Course Requirements

    • AR 107 - Foundations Drawing* AE/DC

      Students will learn composition, form, value, and line in a problem-solving format. Exposure to the past and present drawn image is given in to foster new attitudes toward the activities of seeing and drawing. Students are introduced to life drawing and also technology as an art tool in the manipulation of images. Required for art majors, open to non-majors. Fulfills Core Curriculum requirement of Art, Art Therapy, or Music.

    • AR 108 - Foundations Painting *AE/DC

      This course offers a progressive study of the elements of painting, methods of application, and value and color. Composition is approached through sketches and/or the manipulation of images through the use of technology, problem-solving assignments reflecting mood and the relation between audience and artist. Required for art majors, open to non-majors. Fulfills Core Curriculum requirement of Art, Art Therapy, or Music.

    • AR 110 - Foundations of 2D Art and Design

      This course is a survey of visual arts. An introduction to the elements and principles of design and in-depth color theory on the two-dimensional surface, using the elements and principles of design to articulate visual ideas. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and creative problem solving through the investigation of compositional arrangement and visual perception, using a broad range of materials, and techniques.

    • AR 115 - Introduction to Ceramics

      This foundation course introduces students to the principles, elements, and skills necessary to create in clay; computer technology is used to aid students in taking designs from two to three dimensions. Students are encouraged to express their voice concerning global issues and contemporary concerns through clay sculptures, vessels, installations and mixed media artwork. Required for Studio Art majors; open to non-art majors.

    • AT 101 - Introduction to Art Therapy*AE/DC

      This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of art as therapy and the profession of art therapy. It includes an overview of the origins, theories, and foundations of art therapy, as well as exposure to major theories in the field and their application in many settings implementing art as a means of communication and healing. Fulfills Ursuline Core Requirement of Art, Art Therapy, or Music. *AE/DC

    • AT 250 - Art Facilitation with Diverse Popu

      An introductory study in the principles of effective art facilitation for diverse populations. This course exposes students to the principles of effective group leadership and the fundamentals of community art facilitation as exemplified by professionals in the field. Students will apply the knowledge and skills gained in class through 20 hours of service learning under the direction of a qualified art facilitator.Prerequisites: AT 101 and PS 101

    • AT 350 - Introduction to Fiber Art Therapy

      This course will provide an overview of the use of fiber arts within the multi-culturally sensitive art therapy practice. Students will gain knowledge of the psychosocial functions of fiber art making and understand how this knowledge can be applied in art therapy and art facilitation settings. Students will develop basic skills necessary to assist others in making expressive fiber art.

    • AT 367 - Media and Methods

      An examination of the techniques and media used by art facilitators and art therapists. Emphasis is placed on experiencing the characteristics of a variety of art media and methods, and understanding the scope of their therapeutic potential.

    • AT 410 - Imagery & Meaning

      This course examines the cross-cultural foundations of art therapy, including archetypal psychology and the use of imagery, allegory, and metaphor with participants of diverse backgrounds. Understanding metaphors conveyed in the making of art and art products, as well as issues of culture inherent in art therapy practice will be explored through readings, lecture, discussion and art making.

    • AT 461 - Independent Study

    • AT 485 - Field Placment I

      This course will provide an introduction to art facilitation and art therapy as practiced within different community settings. 75 hours of art facilitation experience under the direction of a professional art therapist or qualified art facilitator will be required. Students will learn the basic skills required of the art facilitator within a particular setting and how to function effectively as a member of a team. Ethics documents and laws protecting participant rights will be learned and applied.

    • PS 101 - General Psychology *PS/DC

      An introduction to the principles and major concepts of the science of human behavior. Topics include the scientific method, sensation and perception, consciousness, development, learning and memory, language, cognition, intelligence, stress and coping, personality, psychopathology, therapeutic techniques, and social psychology. Fulfills Ursuline Core Curriculum PS or SO requirement *DCPrerequisite to all other Psychology courses.

    • PS 230 - Lifespan Development

      Study of the physical, psychological, cognitive, moral, and social development of the human person from conception through death.Prerequisite: PS 101.

    • PS 330 - Abnormal Psych

      An investigation of the application of basic psychological theory and research to the problem of maladaptive behavior.

    • PS 350 - Theory Personality

      A study of personality development, assessment, and functioning; critical evaluation of the major contemporary theories of personality.

    Other Courses in the Major

    AR2xx Art History Elective

    AR3xx Intermediate Art and Design Elective

    AR4xx Advanced Art and Design Elective

    In addition, undergraduate students are also required to complete the Ursuline Core Curriculum.