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  • Home / News / FAQs: Masks/Facial Coverings at Ursuline College | Ursuline College - Liberal Arts Education in Ohio

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    FAQs: Masks/Facial Coverings at Ursuline College

    July 22, 2020

    1. What are the State’s mask protocols?

    Per the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), businesses must require all employees to wear masks except for exceptions listed in the Governor’s Orders. In addition, masks are required of all customers, patrons, visitors, contractors, vendors and similar individuals, except for those with specifically documented legal, life, health or safety considerations. Exceptions are listed in Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order (DSSOO 7.) Also, as of July 8, 2020, masks are required in Cuyahoga County when:

    • You are in any indoor location that is not a residence.
    • You are outdoors and unable to consistently maintain a distance of six feet or more from individuals who are not members of your household.
    • You are waiting for, riding in, driving, or operating public transportation, a taxi, a private car service, or a ride-sharing vehicle.

    2. What are Ursuline College’s mask protocols?

    • Employees and students are required to wear masks inside buildings, including in classrooms, offices, hallways, common areas, and restrooms, except when they are working alone in a private office and no one else is present.
    • Health-related exceptions to mask requirements are listed in Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order (DSSOO 7.)
    • Employees and students are required to wear masks outside when they can’t maintain social distance of at least six feet from others.
    • Contractors, visitors, vendors are required to wear masks inside and outside the buildings.
    • Ursuline will supply a disposable face mask to any employee, student, contractor, visitor or vendor who needs one.
    • Supplies are in the Maintenance Garage, Human Resources, Mullen Reception and with vice presidents.
    • Signs posted outdoors inform the public about the requirement.

    3. What is the proper way to wear a mask?

    Masks should be cloth/fabric and cover the person’s nose, mouth and chin.

    4. May I pull down my mask when talking to someone (ex: in a meeting or in a classroom)?

    No, masks are not to be pulled down or removed when meeting with someone or addressing a class.

    5. As an instructor, am I required to wear a mask while teaching in my class?

    Yes, you are required to wear a mask in the classroom at all times, unless you have an approved exception based on a documented health problem.

    6. As a student, am I required to wear a mask in the classroom?

    Yes, students are required to wear masks at all times while in Ursuline campus buildings, unless they are eating, are in their private dorm room, or have an approved exception from the Disability Office.

    7. As a faculty member, what do I do if a student is not wearing a mask in the classroom?

    Remind the class that masks are required of everyone and ask the class to put on their masks. If a student still does not, ask to see the student outside the classroom for clarification. The student might have an accommodation from Ursuline’s Disability Center. If so, there should be advance notice from the Disability Office or the student should have a document explaining their exception. If student still refuses to wear a mask, do not allow them in back in the classroom and contact Deanne Hurley, Dean of Students.

    8. What if, in a classroom, the instructor and students agree that everyone can take off their masks?

    This is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter that all agree; masks are required.

    9. May a student still eat/drink in a classroom?

    Eating in classrooms will be prohibited due to the required wearing of masks. Drinking will be permissible as long as the student quickly puts their mask back on after taking a sip.

    10. As an instructor, if I wear a full face-shield, do I still have to wear a mask underneath?

    No. You may choose either the full face-shield or mask; both are not required.

    11. As an instructor or employee who has an acrylic barrier in front of me, do I still have to wear a mask?

    Yes, the clear barrier does not exempt you from wearing a mask.

    12. Are masks required when walking outside between buildings, to/from residence halls, or to/from my car?

    No, masks are not required of employees or students when outside if you can social distance or are alone. However, you must be able to put your mask on immediately if you come into contact with others as you walk about campus. For this reason, we recommend that you keep the mask below your face, ready to raise quickly, if needed.

    13. When are masks not required?

    Masks are not required when you:

    • are eating or drinking, either inside or outside.
    • are alone in a private office.
    • are walking between buildings or to/from your car as long as you are either alone or can social distance.
    • have a written, approved exception.

    14. What are approved exceptions?

    Exceptions to mask requirements are listed in Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order (DSSOO 7.) Exceptions are typically due to health problems.

    15. Do I have to wear a mask even if I’m 6 feet apart from someone else?

    Yes, when inside buildings social distancing does not exempt you from wearing masks; it only does when you are outside. Remember it’s social distancing AND masks, not either/or.

    16. Are visitors (including prospective students/families, contractors, vendors, candidate for employment, etc) required to wear masks?

    Yes, all visitors are required to wear masks. For those visitors who do not have a mask, disposable ones are available at reception/lobby areas, maintenance garage, HR.

    17. What do I say to someone who is not wearing their mask?

    Kindly remind them of the policy and ask if they need a mask. If they do, masks are available at reception/lobby areas, maintenance garage, HR.

    18. What if I’m not comfortable asking another employee to put on their mask?

    Bring it immediately to the attention of your supervisor or HR.

    19. Are the neighborhood dog walkers required to wear a mask outside on campus?

    No, as long as they are socially distancing.